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written by EMMA GINSBERG

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Is there anything better than curling up with a great read on a cozy fall day? While some may see autumn as a season of gallivanting around pumpkin patches and spending time among the changing leaves, the homebody in me always uses the change towards chillier weather as an excuse to hermit myself in my apartment and catch up on some reading. From ghost stories to murder mysteries to the occasional memoir, fall books are the best books, which is why right now is the perfect time to stock up on your whole to-read list for the colder seasons. Luckily, Barnes & Noble is having a huge 50% off sale right now, meaning you can stock up on twice as many books from your TBR as you initially budgeted. Here are our picks for great reads to buy from the Barnes & Noble sale that will keep your bookshelves stocked until spring.


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Jessica George

Maddie's life in London is wearing her down. She is the primary caretaker for her father, who is living with Parkinson's, and the only Black person at her office, working for a nightmarish boss. When her mother returns to the city from her most recent trip to Ghana, Maddie takes the leap into living her own life: finding her own apartment, internet dating, and pushing ahead in her career. However, when tragedy strikes, Maddie must learn the perils and rewards of putting her heart on the line.

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Richard Osman
The Thursday Murder Club

If you can't stop watching Only Murders in the Building (same here), you're going to love Richard Osman's The Thursday Murder Club. Set in a peaceful retirement community, four friends meet every Thursday to discuss unsolved crimes, forming the Thursday Murder Club. However, a local developer is soon found dead with a mysterious photograph left next to his body, and the members of the Thursday Murder Club must decide if they still want to keep a comfortable distance from the case, or catch the killer. Just in time for Halloween, this one is a spooky page-turner.

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Paris Hilton
Paris: The Memoir

One of the original influencers, Paris Hilton came of age during a turbulent period in pop culture, and quickly became the talk of the early aughts. As she rose to extreme fame, Paris played a role, leaning into her "bimbo" persona in order to market herself as both lovable and love-to-hateable. In this memoir, she tells the world the truth about who she is behind the character, how she took back her personal power, and how she lives her life as a businesswoman, wife, and mother. It's a message to all young women about fearlessness, intelligence, and pride.

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Stephen King
Fairy Tale

Charlie Reade may seem like a normal seventeen year-old kid, but he's had his fair share of tragedy. His mother was killed in a hit-and-run when he was a child, leaving Charlie to care for himself and his mourning father. Isolated in his responsibility at such a young age, Charlie befriends his aging neighbor, Howard Bowditch, and his dog, Radar. When Mr. Bowditch passes away, he leaves Charlie a cassette tape that leads him to a portal to another world, hidden in Mr. Bowditch's mysterious back shed. Together, Charlie and Radar must fight against an overwhelming evil.

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Roshani Chokshi
The Last Tale of the Flower Bride

Lovers of gothic romance in the chillier months will be obsessed with The Last Tale of the Flower Bride from Roshani Chokshi. A scholar of myths finds his soulmate in Indigo Maxwell-Casteñada, the heiress to a fortune, who only asks of him one thing: for him to not pry into her past. However, when tragedy strikes, the couple is forced to return to Indigo's childhood home. Soon, the bridegroom will be unable to resist prying into Indigo's past, as the house itself begins to reveal secrets about her childhood friend who mysteriously disappeared. Soon, the couple will be forced to choose between fantasy and reality.

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Olivie Blake
One For My Enemy

Witches in modern Manhattan? One For My Enemy blends Gossip Girl family drama with fantasy as two rival witch families fight to maintain control of their respective criminal ventures. The Antonova sisters serve their intoxicant-supplying mother, and the Fedorov brothers are loyal to their crime boss father. Bad blood brings both families to near-disaster, and when fate intervenes, new sides must be chosen in the age-old conflict. Will the battle between the families destroy them both, or will resentment cause them to rot from the inside out?

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Elliot Page
Pageboy: A Memoir

Two months after the premiere of Juno, Elliot Page found himself in his first queer bar, on the precipice of discovering himself as a queer person. Though Juno was celebrated and Elliot's performance was being praised, playing the part of the newly famous, glossy young starlet made his skin crawl. His career, once an escape from reality, was suddenly becoming a new nightmare in itself. As he navigated criticism and abuse in Hollywood, Elliot often stayed silent. Until enough was enough.

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T.J. Klune
Under the Whispering Door

Wallace begins to suspect that he might be dead when a reaper comes to collect him for attendance at his own funeral. He finds himself at a peculiar tea shop, where Hugo, the owner, promises that he will help Wallace cross into the afterlife. Not quite ready to go, Wallace is given one week to make the cross over, and sets about living a lifetime in his remaining seven days. After a spending his life at the office, it's Wallace's time to spend death building a real home.

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Ashley Poston
The Dead Romantics

Florence Day is a ghostwriter for one of the most prolific romance writers in the industry. but after a terrible breakup, Florence believes that love is as good as dead, and an approaching book deadline isn't helping her resurrect her emotional availability. When Florence has to return to her Southern small town to bury her beloved father, she wants to leave as quickly as possible, only to find a ghost standing at the funeral parlor's door. Florence's handsome new book editor is dead, but romance might not be quite yet.

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Costanza Casati

Greek myth retellings are all the rage these days, and Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati deserves all the hype. Set in Ancient Greece, the books follows a powerful queen who is unafraid to deal out death to anyone who wrongs her. Married to a tyrant, she watches her husband sacrifice her child to the gods, and wage war on a foreign shore. When he returns in triumph, she bides her time as she plots her revenge, and intends to take power for herself.

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Rita Chang-Eppig
Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea

Shek Yeung is married to a feared pirate, but when she witnesses a Portuguese sailor slay her husband, she knows she needs to act quickly. She marries her husband's second-in-command and promises to bear him a child in order to maintain control over her half of the fleet. Shek Yeung knows she was born to lead this army, but as she navigates new motherhood and the crises of leadership, she must decide how long she is willing to fight to keep charge of her waters, as the Chinese Emperor has charged a brutal nobleman with ridding the South China seas of pirates.

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Parini Shroff
The Bandit Queens

In her remote village in India, no one messes with Geeta. This is because the widow is rumored to have killed her no-good husband, who actually walked out on her five years ago without leaving a trace. Her freedom is so inspiring, in fact, that it causes other women to ask Geeta for advice, leading her to become a consultant for husband disposal. Her dangerous reputation becomes a double-edged sword, and she fights to protect the life she built. What happens next causes a chain of events that change everything for Geeta and all of the women in her village.

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Kristin Chenoweth
I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts: Mini-Meditations for Saints, Sinners, and the Rest of Us

Known for her Emmy-winning role in Pushing Daisies and her legendary performance as the OG Glinda in Wicked, Kristin Chenoweth has a lot of thoughts to share with the world. Her book, I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts, includes musings on connection, creativity, loss, life, love, and faith. Sprinkled with both Bible verses and f-bombs, this book is intended to guide the reader towards developing their own life philosophies, trusting their belief system, and making the most out of their lives.

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Jumatta Emill
The Black Queen

Nova Albright has been crowned the first Black homecoming queen at Lovett High. The night after her coronation, she is found murdered, and Duchess Simmons, her best friend, has a suspect in mind. Tinsley McArthur was supposed to be the homecoming queen; beautiful, wealthy, and white, it was a McArthur family legacy for their girls to be homecoming queens. In search of justice for her best friend, Duchess is sure that Tinsley killed Nova, and will do what it takes to make sure the white girl doesn't walk. Unfortunately, Tinsley has an agenda of her own.

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Shop 50% Off Hundreds of Books from Barnes & Noble