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5 Outdoor Activities You Should Be Doing This Fall

Hot take coming at you – why do we save all the outdoor activities for summer when fall is the ideal time to get outside? Gone are the days of pesky mosquitos and humid, sticky air. Leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp, and you can actually walk outside without sweating.

I mean, your hair doesn’t frizz from humidity, you can actually wear cute clothes (sweaters and leggings!? Yes please!), and can we talk about how freaking pretty the colors are? There’s something about orange, red, and yellow in nature that feels more magical than even warm weather (and you can @ me on it). Why should summer have all the fun? Here are the outdoor activities to add to your bucket list before the season is over:


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1. Explore your city on bike

The best part about autumn? You don’t even need to leave your own town to feel like you’re on vacation. Enjoy the fall colors and pretty scenery in your very own city by taking a bike ride, snapping some pretty photographs, and maybe stopping for a PSL here and there.

Hot tip: Because your traditional workout shoes may not stand up to outdoor terrain (even if “terrain” means pesky potholes in the road) or be warm enough when the temperates drop, we recommend opting for a pair of shoes that will keep you warm, comfortable, and dry even if your bike ride takes way longer than you expected (we’ve all gotten carried away with some pretty fall scenery!). The Lucie Mid boot from one of our favorite brands, Forsake, is waterproof, breathable, and ridiculously comfortable, but it’s not your average hiking boot – the style is perfect for everything from your daily commute to autumn adventures, and will look as cute with a dress and denim jacket as it does with workout gear.

Lucie Mid Boot

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2. Watch a scary movie

That’s right, The Sixth Sense is not just for the living room couch. Grab a laptop with your favorite scary movie queued up, a bunch of blankets (or a tent if you’re feeling #extra), and your favorite warm drink (spiked apple cider is always recommended) for a totally different spooky movie night under the stars. Not only do you get to feel the fresh fall air while watching a movie to get you in the Halloween mood, but it makes for the ultimate romantic and cozy date night, or a different kind of girls’ night in. If you have a sheet, movie projector, or even garage door (you can get creative), try a portable projector that plugs into your iPhone to see Hannibal Lecter on the big screen.



3. Take your workout outdoors

Whether you’re in a relationship with your treadmill or a devoted yogi, it’s time to take your workout outside. Enjoy the gorgeous views and refreshing air on your morning jog or do a few sun salutations in your yard or local park (imagine the sound of crunching leaves when you go into cobra position… #satisfying). No matter what your workout of choice is, aim to take it outside at least once a week (but don’t forget a sweatshirt and hat when it get’s colder!). Bonus: Exercising in cold weather might burn more calories (as if the #views weren’t worth it enough!).


Source: Forsake


4. Host a bonfire

Another Friday night where you’re not sure what to do? Not anymore. Invite your friends over for a cozy bonfire at your home (try a stylish DIY fire pit in your yard) or a nearby beach/park to use a public pit. Turn the bonfires you used to love as a kid into a grown-up’s dream with “gourmet s’mores” (try pairings like blackberries with white chocolate or replacing the Hershey’s with your favorite Halloween candy bar and marshmallow fluff), and prepare a batch of your favorite autumn-inspired drink (Hot Toddies anyone?).



5. Visit a Farmer’s Market

You might think of Farmer’s Markets as your Sunday morning go-to in the summer, but they’re also the perfect activity for fall too. The cucumbers, berries, and oranges you’re used to scoring in the summertime are replaced by butternut squash, juicy pears, and delicious apples. Get to know your local farmers and meal prep cozy, autumn comfort foods throughout the week with everything you got fresh from the market.



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