How to Change Your Beauty Routine for Summer, According to Our Editor

written by BETH GILLETTE

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Source: @christineleeee
Source: @christineleeee

When the weather changes, so does everything else. Suddenly, I’m happier. I’m craving salads and hot dogs. I’m ordering $20 cocktails without a second thought. And this summer, my beauty routine is getting a makeover. Instead of using the same old beauty products, my summer routine is going to be filled with easy, breezy, multi-use products that create a glowy look with soft, supple skin. 


Instead of Clumpy Mascara, Try a Waterproof, Lengthening Formula

Trust me: I love a clumpy, voluminous mascara look, especially when I’m wearing a smokey eye. But in the summer, I opt for a lengthening formula that’s waterproof. Am I jumping in pools with my mascara on? Not usually. But I am sweating a lot, and waterproof mascara usually never smudges or melts down to my lower lashline.

LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara
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Instead of Cream Moisturizer, Try a Gel Moisturizer

Cream moisturizers are great for giving your skin lots of moisture, but they can feel a little heavy (something I actually quite like in the winter—slather me in the heaviest moisturizer you have, and I’m good). But in the summer, you can keep all that moisture without the thick feeling by using a gel moisturizer. Even people with the driest of skin can benefit from a gel moisturizer, but they’re especially helpful for those with combination or oily skin. This moisturizer is also great after you’ve been out in the sun because it’s soothing and cooling (something you should definitely pop in your skincare fridge!).

Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer
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Instead of Neutral Nail Polish, Try Bright-Colored French

When summer rolls around, it’s time to adorn your nails with the brightest colors you can find and say goodbye to your usual neutrals. You only get a few months of bright colors—why not celebrate it? To make this look ultra-2022, go for a French mani.

Olive and June
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Instead of Heavy Foundation, Try a Lightweight Skin Tint

2022 is the year we finally break up with heavy, uncomfortable foundation products. There’s no reason you should be wearing makeup that doesn’t feel good on your skin, especially when there are products on the market that give you coverage without the gross feeling. Instead, use a skin tint, which will even out your skin tone while keeping a skin-like appearance. Plus, if you need extra coverage, a skin tint is thin enough that you can build it up or easily add concealer to wherever you need it.

Fenty Beauty
Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint
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Instead of Hairspray, Try Dry Texture Spray

For all of your summer hairstyles, hairspray just doesn’t cut it in the volume department, but texture spray sure does. Dry texture spray will never make your hair feel crunchy like hairspray does while also adding so much more volume and hold.

Living Proof
Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray
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Instead of Body Wash, Try Cleansing Oil

After long days at the beach or lake, sweating and wearing layer upon layer of sunscreen, your shower products seriously need to work. And your body wash likely isn’t cutting it. A cleansing oil will get rid of all the dirt and debris on your skin, remove any leftover sunscreen, and leave your skin feeling super hydrated.

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash
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Instead of Shimmery Powder Highlight, Try Cream Highlighter

For the perfect golden goddess glow this summer, skip your shimmery highlighter and use a creamy highlighting balm instead. Typically, these balms are clear or have a slight tint, making them look just like your skin is glowing (er, sweating, which is a look I personally love).

Danessa Myricks Beauty
Dew Wet Hydrating and Highlighting Balm
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Instead of Matte Lipstick, Try a Glossy Lip Balm

Five years ago, we’d probably recommend nothing but matte lipstick all year round. In 2022, pigmented glossy lip balms are all the rage (and you’re about to see all your favorite brands come out with them next!). These have all the best qualities of your favorite lip products: They’re pigmented and usually come in a range of neutrals and bright colors, they’re hydrating like lip balm, and they give a glossy look like lip gloss. It’s perfect for summer because it’s not sticky and it gives your lips a healthy glow. 

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