I Plan All My Outfits At The Beginning of the Week—Here’s Why You Should Too

written by BELLA GIL
Source: @mariellehaon
Source: @mariellehaon

At the beginning of every journal entry, I used to write out what I wore that day and what the temperature was. I did this in order to track outfits; to catalog what I wore on certain days to make outfit planning easier in the long run. Though I thought it was going to make my getting-ready process easier, I never once went back to my journal entries to consult what I wore when attempting to pick out an outfit. So much for that, I guess.

For some reason, the hardest part of getting ready for me was always picking out an outfit. After obsessively consulting my weather app, I would dive in my closet and sift through clothes with a major indecisive mindset. What if I get too cold? What if I have to take off my coat and carry it around? All this stress came to a halt one random Sunday evening after an intense bout of cleaning and organizing. I sat at my desk with a pen and notepad and wrote out the days of the upcoming week and the temperature for those corresponding days. With my laundry freshly done, I carefully wrote down outfits to wear based on what I knew I’d be doing each day.

As the week went on and I followed my outfit schedule, it almost seemed too good to be true. The time it took me to get ready was significantly shorter than what it usually took. To be honest, it almost felt like a joke. Was this really all it took? Why hadn’t I started this sooner? As I continued my new habit, I wanted to shout about its wonders from the rooftops—which is exactly what I’m doing today. Here’s why I plan all of my outfits at the start of the week, and why you should too.

It provides a sense of security

Running late because you couldn’t decide on an outfit? That’s about to be a problem of the past. Not only does planning outfits ahead of time ease the anxiety and stress that may manifest when having to pick out an outfit, it leaves you with a feeling of ease knowing that your morning routine should run smoothly and without any bumps or disturbances. Of course, incidents will happen from time to time (like a coffee spill on your shirt right before you leave the house), but for the most part, your mornings should be smooth sailing.


You’ll figure out what you really like to wear

The more you plan your outfits ahead of time, the more you’ll see a trend of which outfits and pieces you gravitate toward most. When you’re thinking about outfits to wear in the future rather than rushing through it, you’ll be able to learn about your style and what outfits make you feel your best. If you have a big meeting on Wednesday and your instinct is to wear a specific blazer, that probably means that blazer is something that makes you feel confident. You’ll be gaining insight in a whole new way.


You’ll have a new routine

Sitting down on Sunday evenings to wind down and plan out my outfits has easily become one of my favorite routines before the work week starts. I personally write them out with pen and paper because it feels particularly relaxing for me, but if you’re more of an app girl, that works too. Either way, after a few weeks, you’ll notice that your entire getting ready process will be something you look forward to.

It makes mornings feel brand new

I mean, duh. This is the easiest and possibly best reason to start incorporating this habit into your routine. If you have trouble with time management or hitting snooze one too many times in the morning, it’ll prevent you from spiraling and starting your day on a chaotic note. Instead of rushing around and leaving a pile of clothes on the ground that you have to pick up later, you can sit and take your extra 15 minutes drinking a cup of coffee and reflecting on just how much you appreciate your past self for the fabulous outfit you’re wearing today.