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An Inside Look at Kat Jamieson’s Morning Routine

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written by EMMA GINSBERG

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We love an OG blogger, and it doesn’t get any more ~blueprint~ OG than Kat Jamieson, also known as the voice behind the lifestyle blog With Love From Kat. But Kat is so much more than just a stunning aesthetic (speaking of, check out her iconic California home tour here and her glam Manhattan apartment here). Since starting her blog in 2011, she has been on a transformative wellness journey, and this week on The Everygirl Podcast she’s spilling all of the tea (or green juice) on how she got to where she is with health and wellness. Plus, Kat shares all of the details about her first book, Blended, which incorporates cooking, entertaining, and living well holistically. Read on for Kat’s four-step morning routine, and listen to this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast for more tips.


1. Sip hot water with lemon

Kat’s caffeine of choice is a matcha with coconut milk, but before she drinks anything caffeinated, she always sips on hot water with lemon. She loves starting her morning off with this ritual because it keeps her digestion regular, wakes her up, and gives her a boost of vitamin C. Kat knows that the first thing that she puts into her body is going to set the tone for the rest of her day, so she recommends drinking hot lemon water before any caffeine to boost hydration and stabilize digestion.


2. Meditate

Kat is a huge advocate for meditation, but she knows it’s unrealistic to “clear your brain” in the way that most of us expect to when we meditate. Instead of putting pressure on herself to have a completely “clear mind,” Kat sees meditation as a strategy session. “I use it as time to go through my to-do list, or check in with how I’m feeling about a certain relationship in my life, something I’m stressed about, or something I’m excited about,” Kat said. “I get some of my best ideas and creative thoughts during that time.”

But meditation doesn’t just offer mental benefits–Kat also credits meditation to helping heal gut symptoms and help with digestion, by helping to relax stomach muscles. She’s felt the benefits of daily meditation in her alertness, mental health, social life, and physical well-being.



3. Drink a green juice every morning

Kat swears by her daily green juice so much that she got her husband onto the habit too. For years, Kat tried to get her husband to drink green juice in the mornings, and she consistently received the response that he was more of an eggs-for-breakfast person. But once he finally listened and gave Kat’s advice a try, he started to feel so much better. Green juice isn’t for everyone, but Kat herself is obsessed with the digestive benefits of drinking it every morning.


4. Get outside for natural sunlight

Before she starts the rest of her day, Kat loves to go outside and soak up some sunlight to feel energized and awake for the rest of the day. She loves to get outside and walk her dog, and–now that she lives in the suburbs–she’ll even walk barefoot in the grass to do some grounding. “There’s something about walking barefoot in the grass or sand that kind of recalibrates and really calms you down. I notice a huge difference when I do that,” she said.