Looking for Better Sleep? This Super Ingredient Might Be the Answer

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So you work out, eat your veggies, and have a meditation practice, but your sleep is not so great? Join the club. Not to fret, exhausted readers: CBD for sleep is changing the game. We love CBD for everything from period cramps to sore muscles, but the plant-derived ingredient might also be the secret to getting good quality Zzz’s. According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, 70 percent of adults don’t get enough sleep. If you work long hours, are balancing a busy life, and/or know what it feels like when a new season of You comes out on Netflix, this statistic probably does not surprise you. Besides those late-night bedtimes and early-morning alarms, many people suffer from insomnia, difficulty staying asleep, or that growing to-do list in your mind keeping you awake. There’s no doubt that lack of sleep is an epidemic. So could this trendy ingredient be the solution?


How does CBD benefit sleep?

You might have seen CBD in your skincare and lattes, but it turns out that one of the most common ways CBD is used is to improve sleep and decrease anxiety. So is there any truth to it? A 2019 study found that 66.7 percent of test subjects reported better sleep after a month of taking 25mg of CBD. Another study from 2014 found that CBD can improve the symptoms of certain sleep disorders, while yet another study found that CBD might be beneficial for both sleep disorders and drowsiness during the day. While the studies on CBD are fairly new and more research needs to be done, the research so far is looking promising. “CBD has been shown to improve sleep quality and quantity in small, randomized controlled trials, but more research is needed,” said Dr. Jaime Corroon, founder and medical Director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Education and a medical advisor at CV Sciences.

As for why CBD affects sleep, it might be because CBD tackles one of the most common causes of sleep problems: stress. “Research suggests that CBD may target certain receptors in the brain and central nervous system, which can assist in altering levels of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that plays an important part in your mental health,” explained Katherine Hall, a sleep psychologist and sleep coach at Somnus Therapy

Research aside, I can personally attest that I get the best sleep of my life after a few drops of CBD oil. As with any supplement or change in routine, consult your doctor, be your own guinea pig, and do your research because every body is different and needs different things.


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Equilibria CBD

Because the supplement industry is widely unregulated, it’s important to select a brand of CBD that you trust. If you haven’t heard already, we love Equilibria because their premium CBD is fully traceable and made with industrial hemp flowers from their 1,100-acre partner farm in Colorado (we stan transparency when it comes to supplements!). It’s always organically grown, without GMOs, heavy-metals, and pesticides. It’s basically like the farm-to-table version of CBD. Bottom line: If you do want to try CBD, it’s well worth the time and effort to do your research and invest in a brand you know you can trust. 


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Personally, I swear the scent of this oil alone gets me to relax, but the 500mg of CBD and nutrient-rich botanicals certainly don't hurt either. Massage onto the face or body before bed to relax at night and wake up with soft, glowing skin. Best for: the skincare guru who wants to relax while beautifying overnight.


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