Stephanie McKinley

Contributing Entertainment Writer
Stephanie is a freelance writer and product designer living in Charlotte, NC. She has been a Contributing Entertainment Writer for The Everygirl since 2021.
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Education: SUNY Plattsburgh


Stephanie taught herself to read at a young age, and she hasn’t stopped since, regularly reading over 100 books per year across young adult contemporary, women’s fiction, romance, thriller, and more. Her interest in stories translates to all mediums, and you can also regularly find her watching the latest TV show that everyone’s talking about, listening to a favorite artist’s new album on repeat, or binging the entire backlog of a new-to-her podcast. Stephanie believes that stories are a necessary part of the human experience, and she loves nothing more than when someone loves a book, TV show, movie, song, or podcast she has recommended.



Stephanie started her career as a digital marketing assistant for Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, where she managed campaigns for young adult, middle grade, and picture books, handling social media, blog and newsletter content, website development, and video production. She then worked as a senior digital developer at Penguin Random House, where she played a huge role in launching Underlined, Random House Children’s Books’ young adult community. In 2019, Stephanie relocated to Charlotte, NC, where she has continued to work in product strategy and design while reading, watching, listening, and writing outside of her 9-5.


Fun Stuff

Stephanie is an unapologetic Taylor Swift fan, she doesn’t drink coffee, and she is a firm believer in the Oxford comma.

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