15 Cozy Season Essentials You Need to Spend the Next Few Months Indoors


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Source: @reserve_home
Source: @reserve_home

The temps have dropped, the clocks have been set back, and the balsam-scented candles have been lit—all signs point to cozy season. That means it’s time to spend the next few months indoors, and as a self-proclaimed homebody, it’s my time to shine. Don’t get me wrong—I love summer and warm weather as much as the next girl, but there’s something about being bundled up on the couch that just can’t be beat.

If you’re anything like me, you probably live like it’s cozy season all year long. But if you’re not looking forward to the next few months of hibernation, your space might be in need of a little added warmth. Stock up on all the throw blankets and read on for everything you need to make the most of your time at home during the colder months.

To set the mood:

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Capri Blue
Volcano Capiz Jar Candle

We all know lighting a candle is the first step to setting the mood, but this XL version takes it to another level. This candle may not smell like pumpkin or pine trees, but it will make your house smell like an Anthropologie store (which is even better in my opinion). And with 250 hours of burn time, it’s sure to last all season long.

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Dimmable Soft White Bulbs

Talk to any interior designer, and they’ll tell you the same secret for achieving a cozy atmosphere: dimmable lights. Just like bright light helps keep you alert and focused, soft warm light creates a more relaxed, calming environment. Take advantage of your dimmer switches or swap your regular light bulbs for dimmable ones to create the perfect lighting for this time of year.

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LED Fairy Lights

If you hung up string lights in your college dorm room, you know how cozy ambient lighting can make any space feel. Fairy lights are an elevated, much more aesthetically pleasing way to achieve the same vibe. I like adding mine inside vases as decor or behind the TV or curtains for extra ambience.

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Portable Tabletop Fire Pit

Nothing says cozy like sitting by a fire, but for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace, we’ll have to improvise. This mini fire pit is fueled by rubbing alcohol, so it’s safe to use indoors (as long as it’s kept away from anything flammable, of course) and burns for 60+ minutes. The best part? You can even use it to roast s’mores while binging Netflix.

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To lounge on the couch:

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Scuffette Slipper

You didn’t think we would talk about cozy season without mentioning the coziest footwear of all time, did you? Keep a pair of slippers near your couch so whenever you do have to get up, your toes will still stay nice and warm.

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Hot Water Bottle

If you’ve ever experienced period cramps, you know the wonders of a heating pad or heated water bottle. But they’re not just for easing aches and pains. This microwavable, sherpa-lined one is also great for warming you up quickly after being out in the cold weather.

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Barefoot Dreams
CozyChic Ribbed Cozy

Blankets are an obvious necessity for cozy season, but if you want to take it up a notch, trade in your throw blanket for a wearable throw. You’ll be hands free to scroll TikTok while still staying bundled up. It’s the best of both worlds.

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To sip all season long:

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Electric Tea Kettle

Cozy season wouldn’t be complete without a delicious hot beverage. Invest in an electric kettle so you can cut back on trips to the kitchen to microwave your tea and stay bundled up on the couch.

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Williams Sonoma
Double Walled Glass Mug

Glass mugs are perfect for whatever kind of cheer you’re filling your cup with this season. This double-walled version will keep your coffee hot all morning and your cocktails cold all evening.

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Williams Sonoma
Star Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate is one of my go-to beverages during cozy season. If you want to make the most of this seasonal treat, ditch the packets of powdered mix and opt for hot chocolate bombs made from real chocolate instead. You’ll thank me later.

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Estelle Colored Glass
Colored Wine Glasses

Your glass of red will never look better than it does in these beautiful hand-blown wine glasses. They’re available in a variety of colors, and if wine isn’t your thing, you can also find champagne flutes, rocks glasses, and martini glasses in the same gorgeous hues.

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To go to bed early:

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Humidifier Starter Kit

A humidifier might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a cozy season must-have, but since it’s dry skin season as well, it’ll also come in handy for adding humidity back to the cold, dry air. Humidifiers can also help you breathe better by preventing your nose and throat from drying out overnight.

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Flannel Core Sheet Set

Come fall and winter, I look forward to switching out my linen sheets for this heavier alternative. There’s nothing cozier than coming in from the cold and climbing into a bed with soft, warm sheets.

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Weighted Knit Blanket

If you haven’t tried a weighted blanket yet, now’s the time. It provides the comforting feeling of being tucked underneath layers of blankets, but since it’s breathable, you won’t get too hot at night. Get ready for the best sleep of your life!

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Weighted Sleep Mask

With the sun rising earlier because daylight saving time ends, sleeping in can be tough, but a sleep mask will help you get a few more hours of shut eye. Even better: a weighted mask can also help alleviate stress and anxiety (which many of us experience more of this time of year).

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