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12 Tricks to Use When You’re Decorating on a Budget


You might not believe us right away, but we truly believe that anyone can have a beautifully decorated home. Yes, even if you are on a strict budget! Because, in all honesty, gorgeous homes are rarely about the dollars spent; instead, they’re about the care, detail, and attention that someone has lovingly put in to making it their own. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on the latest and greatest decor trend, there are absolutely ways to decorate your home in a stylish way. Here are some of our top tips to decorating on a budget:


1. Shop Your House

After you’ve given your space a deep clean — and hey, while you’re at it, a good purge — take a walk around and see what you already own. Maybe you forgot about that box of trinkets you stashed away a year or two ago, or you stumbled on some seasonal accessories that had long been forgotten. Even clearing your surfaces (bookshelves, console tables, dressers, etc.) and starting from scratch by moving items from one room to another will give your home an instantly fresh feel.


Source: @briahammelinteriors


2. Rearrange Your Furniture

On a similar note, rearranging your furniture can do wonders for updating your decor. Simply put: rethink your home. Can you rework the function of a room? Are there ways to improve the flow of the space? Orienting your furniture in a new way or swapping it for other pieces from different rooms will make a huge impact — at literally no cost! And the best part? Nothing is permanent, so you can always change it back or make it a seasonal shift.


Source: @francois_et_moi


3. Project Paint

One of the most affordable things you can do to dramatically change the style of the space is to open up a can of paint and get creative. It could be one wall, a ceiling, a stenciled pattern on an old piece of furniture, or heck, even your kitchen cabinets! It goes without saying that you can easily use paint to create your own fun abstract artwork too — nothing needs to be too precious. Have fun with paint and watch your space transform.


Source: @graceinmagnolias


4. Do a DIY 

We can easily be inspired by social media to take on a project or two, especially when there’s a wealth of how-to blog posts and videos to guide us. Some DIYs can slowly creep outside the affordable bracket, but where there’s a will there’s a way, right? Try to tackle a simple IKEA hack if you aren’t a big DIYer already. These always look uber stylish and don’t break the bank.


Source: @monicawangphoto


5. Head Outside

Obviously, while respecting your neighbors and environment (no thieving from people’s yards now!), grabbing some natural beauty from outside is a great way to decorate. We love bringing in a single branch or a few fresh blooms. Depending on the season, even an arrangement of pine cones, rocks, or pieces of driftwood could work great. The possibilities are endless and really depend on what’s around you. Use your imagination and have fun with it.


Source: @daniellemoss_


6. Change Up Your Artwork

With so many affordable printable options available now, this is a really great way to decorate without spending a fortune. Rotate your artwork seasonally, or whenever you get inspired to do so. And if your home is lacking in the art department, creating a small gallery wall is definitely a budget-friendly way to inject some new style and bring some life to your lackluster walls. 


Source: @reserve_home


7. Add in Green

Faux plants are affordable and (obviously) so easy to maintain — but the real thing can be reasonable too. Instead of going for a large fiddle leaf, look at potting a few smaller plants, which tend to be priced a lot lower. Then give them some love and watch them grow. Whether it’s real or fake, adding greenery will always be one of the best ways to decorate.


8. Thrift It

Shopping secondhand is one of our favorite things to do. There’s nothing quite like finding that perfect piece that you’ve had in your mind for ages! Obviously, thrifting can be really budget-friendly, but we also love that it makes your home feel more authentic, collected, and pulled together over time.


Source: @michelle_janeen


9. Refresh Your Throws and Pillows

Some of our favorite textiles are the most cost-effective ones, from brands like Urban Outfitters, H&M, World Market, or Target. It makes decorating with pillows, throws, and sheepskins (hello faux option from IKEA that is a steal!) really simple, but still impactful. Your sofa or bed will get a whole new life on a strict budget.


Source: Alaina Kaczmarski


10. Bring in the Baskets

Need some storage? Grab a basket. Finding you’re lacking in texture? Basket! Have a strange hole to fill? Yup… basket. They’re totally easy to find and never have to cost a fortune. 


11. Liven Up Your Lighting

Adding a plug-in sconce might seem like a lot to take on, but there are so many budget-friendly options that are easy to install. Going from a standard table or floor lamp to a wall sconce can really make a powerful statement. Not quite right for your space? Try changing up any other fixture, or simply nab a new lamp shade! It definitely does not have to cost a lot to maximize the lighting in your home.


Source: @goldalamode


12. Look at Hooks

Wall hooks can be really cheap, and even though they are small additions, can really add a lot to a room. Think about the items you would even be adding to the hooks that would make a stylish impact. A hat, basket, or even a piece of clothing can add to your decor!


What else can you do to switch up your style? We’d love to hear your best budget friendly decorating tips below!