28 Digital Prints That’ll Give Your Home an Instant Refresh

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I’ve been working towards making my new apartment “home” for three months now and, let me tell you, we are almost there. I’ve invested in a rug that brings me joy, a comfy couch that I yearn for when I’m away, and floor lighting that makes even the gloomiest Chicago days warm and bright. I’ve employed a few large mirrors to reflect the sunlight, seating for all of the guests that aren’t visiting my apartment, and faux plants that even I can’t kill.

But one step into my apartment and you’ll notice that my walls are about as naked as that one molerat from Kim Possible. They are a stark, white, and bare reminder that my home is in need of some art. Half of me was waiting for my funds to replenish (because let’s be real, pre-printed wall art and frames can get pricey). And the other half just couldn’t seem to narrow down my massive search. So. Many. Choices!


How Digital Downloads Work

I was recently turned on to the beautiful world of digital downloads and, let me tell you, it’s been an absolute game-changer. Just purchase a digital download online, save it to your device, and boom: it’s yours forever to print in whatever size best fits your needs. Jenny Komenda, founder of Juniper Home and Juniper Print Shop, suggests using a home printer and photo paper for small prints (8 x 11.5 and under), CostcoWalmartWalgreens, and Target for medium-sized prints (11 x 14 to 20 x 30), and MpixMiller’s LabAspen Creek, or Kinkos for larger prints (greater than 20 x 30).



Digital downloads will save you a ton of money while offering flexibility to fit any size frame that you can get your hands on. Gone are the days of spending an arm and a leg on prints and frames and then kicking yourself when it inevitably doesn’t fit as you first planned.

Digital downloads are an inexpensive way to fill bare walls, add character to your home, and refresh your space for a new season. There’s nothing that gets me going quite like beautiful and unique wall art and these digital downloads are the perfect solution to giving your space a hassle-free decor reset: