Tired of Your Gold Hoops? Try These Fun Earrings Instead

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Source: Fraiser Sterling

When it comes to choosing earrings that match your ‘fit, it’s easy to find yourself constantly grabbing your classic gold hoops that just go with everything. Don’t get us wrong: A gold hoop is always a good choice, but sometimes you want your outfit to pack a little more “oomph”—and the perfect way to do that is with fun, out-of-the-box earrings.

With summer being booked and busy with weddings and vacations, switching up your jewelry for those special occasions is always a fun change. This is the time of year when the colors are brighter and outfits are a little more ~extra~ , so why not add your jewelry to the list of trends to try? Whether you want to add a bold color or try a fresh take on classic gold, we found the best earring options on the internet for spicing up your look.




Colorful and kitschy 


Rectangle Resin Hoop

3 colors available

8 Other Reasons

Gold & Blue Hoop

Fraiser Sterling

Cherry Soda Hoops

petit moments

Allie Earrings

8 Other Reasons

Shoreline Earring

Greenwoods Jewelry

Acrylic Hoops

4 colors available


Chunky Hoop Earrings

5 colors available


White Pearl Butterfly Earrings

10+ colors available


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