Everything Our Editors Bought (and Loved) From Amazon This Month


Something I love about the Everygirl/Everymom team is that we all have very different interests and passions. Josie’s always going on about weird wellness trends (love you!), Jessie could cook circles around me, and Ally is an East Coast goddess with a penchant for home decor and preppy clothes.

As different as we all are, we all have one big thing in common (cue the after-school-special theme music) — we’re all obsessed with Amazon Prime, and we fuel our unique passions with the same vice. Here, our team is sharing the items we all purchased from Amazon this month — and telling you why you should get on board too. Hope you enjoy as much as we have this month!


Soy Candle in Rosemary

This is my favorite candle of all time — BAR NONE. I first discovered it in a restaurant bathroom in Dallas — and loved it so much that I Facebook messaged the restaurant to ask for a link. It's a little pricey for one candle, so I use it on special self-care occasions only (aka every Friday night — who said that?).

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Steven Pinker
Enlightenment Now

I heard Steven Pinker speak on the Goop podcast — his segment was titled "Why Optimism Is a Better Match For Reality," and I've thought about it basically constantly ever since I listened. The episode (and this book) is all about how society's improvements and innovations help prove that life is better than it ever has been — and makes the argument that we should feel more optimistic about the state of humanity than ever before. It basically cures your anxiety just thinking about it — highly recommend!

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Simple Modern
Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I'm literally addicted to water (there are worse things, right?) — I have a silicone straw in this bottle, and I sip from it all. day. long. It holds 25 ounces, so you could also fill it with wine and no one would judge you (again, who said that!?). It keeps my water cold for a very long time — through spin class, humid spring days, and my altogether-too-long commute. DRINK MORE WATER!

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Pearl Hair Clips

These hair clips are super on-trend right now and take every outfit up a notch. They go with everything and are way cheaper than other similar clips I’ve seen!

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Water Face Gel Moisturizer

This is such a nice moisturizer for summer — it’s a great dupe for the Clinique one I usually use, but is way less expensive. It’s lightweight and is perfect for the morning to wear under makeup.

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Nescafe Classic
Instant Greek Coffee

If you’ve never tried this, stop everything and buy it now. Mix this coffee mix with a little water and milk, and it’s literally the most delicious latte you’ll ever have. I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved on buying coffee at Starbucks since I started drinking this! One can also last me months.

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Kate Northrup
Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms

Kate Northrup has a phenomenal way of explaining how a woman’s cycle is directly linked to productivity and optimal brain function. I’m always feeling entirely overwhelmed by work/home/kids, so I’m excited to see how I change my approach to manage it all better.

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Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

My favorite micellar water with free one-day shipping — yes, please. Subscribe and save to make it even better.

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California Picnic
Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Blanket

I always keep a waterproof blanket in the car during the warmer months for impromptu picnics and cozy seating at my son’s baseball games (anyone else not like squeezing into the bleachers with 100 other people?).

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Celeste Ng
Everything I Never Told You

I’ll be honest, I have not read Ng’s first novel, but after reading way too much non-fiction, I'm eager to dive into this one.

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"Wander Often" Flat Sandal

I got these in rose gold last year and wore them all summer almost exclusively — they look like a sandal, but are made of flip flop material, making them the perfect shoe for super-casual me. I knew I had to grab the brown this year.

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First Aid Beauty
Facial Radiance Pads

I use peel pads instead of washing my face in the mornings when I feel like I need something more than just splashing with water, and now that its (finally) starting to get warm, ive been buying them by the bulk. I use them every morning, after a sweaty workout, or before makeup any application to tone, exfoliate, and brighten. It totally rejuvenates my skin but doesn't irritate my skin like other peel pads.

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Lavender Essential Oil

It's nothing new, but I definitely need to chill. As the year goes on and life gets busier, it's harder for me to fall asleep, and my stress levels are through the freaking roof! I just ordered this (chic AF) lavender essential oil to add to my diffuser and rub into temples or wrists before bed, and whenever I need a little extra stress-relief. Trust me — this works.

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Coconut Charcoal Gas Relief

Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute... as much as we all enjoy margaritas, ice cream, and BBQ, our stomach really doesn't. A lot of our favorite summer foods can cause severe bloat and discomfort, which especially does not go well with tight swimsuits and form-fitting sundresses. I'm ordering these supplements with coconut and charcoal to quite literally detox the system and prevent/treat gas, bloating, and stomach issues. They also promote a healthy digestive system overtime, so its a win-win!

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LaVie Home
Set of 6 5x7 frames

I'm getting married in two weeks (eek!) so I bought this 6-pack of gold frames last-minute to display some cute signs at my wedding reception!

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Schick Intuition
Sensitive Care Moisturizing Razor Blade Refills for Women with Natural Aloe

I love my Schick Intuition razor and always buy refills on Amazon — great bulk pricing and it's so easy to have them just show up on my doorstep instead of needing to remember to buy them on shopping trips.

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Water Princess
High Waisted Swimsuit Two Piece Bikini Set

Loving the preppy scallop on this designer dupe high waisted swim set. I got it and was shocked how good the quality is! Be sure to size up.

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Daily Ritual
Terry Sleeveless Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is perfect for weekends or the beach. It's jersey and so great for summer brunch, coffee runs, or bike rides.

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Antique Style Vase

I am obsessed with all things blue and white and this ginger jar is an amazing find for the price. Such a cute addition to my collection!

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Spray Bottles

I have been using cleaning concentrates from Grove lately and these bottles make it so easy to use them — and they look great if left out.

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Costa Farms
Indoor Palm Tree

Since moving to the urban jungle that is Chicago, I’ve been on a houseplant-buying kick for some time now to introduce some green back into my life. The only problem: I have two curious kittens that love getting into anything and everything. To mitigate this, I’ve been doing a fair amount of research into the most realistic-looking faux houseplants on the market and came across this beautiful palm that is now nested perfectly in a corner in my living room. It gives the room some much need color and my cats can mess with it — no harm, no foul.

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10 Inch Sourdough Proofing Basket

My partner and I became inspired over the winter to cook our own bread after watching Nancy Silverton’s episode of Chef’s Table. We created our own sourdough starter from scratch and taught ourselves the art of kneading — we even bought a dutch oven to optimize the baking capabilities of our crappy, rental apartment stove. The only thing that was missing was a basket for the shaping and proofing process, which is the longest step. We bought this basket on Amazon because it came with a blade for scouring the dough along with a canvas cover for the basket while the dough sits for hours. We’ve baked countless loaves since purchasing these baskets and each one has turned out better than the last.

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Removable Wallpaper

One of my first DIY initiatives after moving in was the installation of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves from Ikea. While I love the way the bookshelves turned out, I wanted to elevate their look a little and purchased some peel-and-stick wallpaper to put along the back panel of the bookcase. The application was simple and I felt like a DIY wiz when I was done. The hardest part of the process was measuring out the bookshelves and deciding how many units to buy. But once I did the math and figured out the right amount, it was a breeze. Very happy with the look!

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20 lb. Weighted Vest

While I prefer barbell training over running on a treadmill, I recognize that cardio is an important component of achieving overall fitness. To make running a little more interesting, I purchased this weight vest to kick runs into high gear, optimize my pushups and pull-ups, and just generally challenge myself. What I like so much about this weight vest is the fact that the style is relatively slim and the adjustable fit makes it possible to strap the vest close to my body so there’s minimal sliding and shifting during running or performing pull-ups on the rig. Plus, this option has a pocket for a phone and the weights are adjustable so on days when I want to back off, I can remove weight and focus on quality movement. Very excited to continue using this vest throughout the summer.

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Prep Naturals
Glass Meal Prep Containers

I’m trying to be better about bringing my lunch every day, so I ordered new meal prep containers. Glass is great because you can pop it in the microwave at work and don’t have to worry about adding another step in getting to your lunch.

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Laura Lea Goldberg
The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook

I cook a lot so I am very (VERY) picky with cookbooks and rarely follow a recipe exactly. This is an incredible cookbook that has a lot of pretty simple, healthy (but not intimidating), absolutely delicious recipes. I finally bought it after months of stealing the recipes from a friend who had it.

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Linen Clubs
Cotton Window Panels

Curtains can be really annoyingly expensive. These are great quality, really cheap ones I got for our bedroom. They look fantastic.

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Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Buy this and pop it in your purse for when you need an outdoor speaker this summer. It has great sound and is perfect for the beach, pool, backyard, rooftop, patio… you get it.

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Fabric Shaver/Lint Remover

If you’re anything like me, your sweaters are not in good shape after a season of wear. This will save your wallet and maybe your life. It takes off all the pilling and makes your sweaters look (almost) brand new.

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Sleep Mask

This is the best sleep mask ever and is so good for taking afternoon naps in the summer. It will put you into the deepest sleep EVER. Such a good purchase.

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Undeniable Beauty Supplements

These have been my go-to beauty supplements for a while now! I’m always repurchasing them. I truly notice a difference in my nail and hair growth when I am taking them. They’re filled with biotin, vitamin C, and keratin for healthy skin, nails, and hair. They’re also super tasty! I’m also a huge fan of their “Goodbye Stress” supplements.

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Fit Simplify
Set of 5 Resistance Bands

I bought these bands for when I can’t make it to a pilates class and want to at least get an at-home workout in. These resistance bands can be integrated into many different kinds of workouts like squats and donkey kicks to make them more intense! They come in five resistance levels and are a great way to get your booty and legs ready for summer.

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Elta MD
Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF 46

I am a huge proponent of wearing sunscreen every day and I just ran out of my old one. I’ve heard great things about this brand and decided to give it a try! I’m also going on a beach vacation this month and liked how this was a higher SPF, so this is definitely in my cart this month!

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6-Piece Packing Cubes

I am going to try to plan out my outfits beforehand and stay organized for my upcoming trip (honestly I probably say this for every trip). These packing cubes were suggested by Marianna Hewitt for easier and neater packing by keeping items separated. If this travel professional says they’ll help with packing then I’m all in! I can’t wait to try these!

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Meg Jay
The Defining Decade

I’m a sucker for a good self-help book and I have seen this one suggested so many times! As a 23-year-old wanting to make the most out of my twenties and learn more about work, relationships, and identity throughout these years, I’m so excited to give this a read. Transitioning to adulthood is hard! Can you blame me?!

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Dermal Korea
Set of 16 Collagen Essence Sheet Masks

After reading “The Little Book of Skin Care,” I became obsessed with Korean skincare. I bought these for the second time at the beginning of the month! They come in a pack of 16 so they’re a great value and last you a while. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a face mask can make you feel like you have your whole life together. I love throwing one of these on while relaxing at night!

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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I like listening to podcasts in the shower (it's like the hosts are in there with you! just kidding, I am normal), but have been living in the purgatory of setting up my phone close enough to kiiiind of hear it over the shower spray but also far enough away that it's safe from any rogue water splashes. What's fun about this system is that it doesn't work at all! So I made the executive decision to spend $17 on my personal happiness and bought this in shower speaker. It's waterproof, suctions to the wall, and plays your podcasts or playlists at the perfect volume while keeping your phone safely in the next room. Heaven is a place on earth and it could be your very own shower.

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La Pure
Pack of 10 Snail Essence Sheet Masks

I will do anything for ~ skincare ~ including putting snail essence on my face because I am a true believer. My queen, @things.i.bought.and.liked, linked to this babies a few months ago and I have now added them to my Amazon subscribe and save because I cannot be without them.

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Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.
The Highly Sensitive Person

"The world overwhelmed her, the end" will probably be written on my tombstone, so this book is an actual godsend. I've recently become enamored with all things ~ who am I ~ after a lifetime of (hilarious) cynicism. Join me!

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Butter London
Nail Lacquer

I've been thinking about switching over my nail polish to less-toxic options and this one is free of things like formaldehyde, which I like.

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Daily Shower Spray Cleaner

I truly hate cleaning my shower and this daily shower spray makes cleaning a snap — plus it's non-toxic and smells like a spa.

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Skin Rescue Serum

I started washing my face with honey a while ago, but whether or not I start my day with a honey cleanse, I use a bit of this serum. I love how it's transformed my skin — a total game-changer.

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