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Coffee Makes Me Sick—Here’s What I Drink Every Morning Instead

written by BETH GILLETTE

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Source: Beth Gillette for The Everygirl
Source: Beth Gillette for The Everygirl

When I found out I had endometriosis, I was actually elated because everyone thought my morning stomach issues were from being lactose intolerant. I thought I had gotten away from dietary issues scot-free—I indulged in all the cereal, cheesy omelets, and bagels with cream cheese the world had to offer. Alas, the world had other things in store for me, leading me on a journey to find alternatives to coffee that could bring me the same benefits.

Endometriosis has a habit of giving you basically every annoying symptom under the sun. But worse of all, drinking even half a Grande coffee from Starbucks will have me spending the afternoon in the bathroom (I was going to say TMI, but you clicked on the story—what did you expect?). No matter what I do, I can’t seem to drink a cup of coffee without feeling the consequences. But I love coffee, and I love the ritual and placebo of coffee most of all. Waking up and having a special drink or bringing it to a meeting makes me feel ready to be productive and get sh*t done.

So I’ve gotten creative with the coffee alternatives I drink every morning to give me the feeling of making and drinking a cup of coffee without feeling sick.



1. Matcha

The second I discovered matcha, my entire world changed. For the first time, I had a drink that gave me a jolt of energy without a crash or a stomachache. It sustains my energy all day, and the ability to make it hot or iced curbs my coffee cravings big time.

To make my matcha drink, I mix a little bit of powder with boiling water using a handheld frother. I add it to warmed almond milk mixed with a little vanilla syrup, which results in the perfect sweet matcha latte to start my day or as a midday pick-me-up.

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2. 8Greens

I love 8Greens so much I brought it to the lake with all of my girlfriends to drink it while they had their morning coffee, and I had absolutely no regrets. It’s a super easy way to get that morning ritual I love, and it’s actually delicious thanks to the citrusy taste. Made with real greens like spinach, spirulina, aloe vera, and kale, 8Greens is filled with rich vitamins like C, B6, and B12, meaning it does more than just taste good.

I drop 8Greens into cold water and watch it fizz, lightly stirring it with a straw. It’s truly the easiest drink you’ll ever make.

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3. Smoothie

When I want something a little more, I make myself a smoothie. While this takes some more time to make than my other morning beverages, it’s a good way to mix in extra protein, fruits, and veggies and bulk up my breakfast. I like a tropical smoothie with spinach and kale and some added collagen or protein powder.

The trick to making your smoothie feel like a ritual is treating it the way you would with coffee. Decant it into a pretty cup or jar, add toppings or add-ins for some flavor, and make it beautiful. Don’t suck it down like you have to run to the gym for your pilates class in 10 minutes. Actually allow yourself to enjoy it just as you would a cup of Joe.

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Tip: Once I switched to whey protein instead of a plant-based pea alternative, my digestion improved immensely. Peas are high in FODMAPS, which can be hard to digest, especially for those with IBS.

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4. Golde Supplements

These Golde supplements are powders you can add into your water that are filled with vitamins and herbs that are good for you, whether you’re looking to destress, boost your skin’s natural glow, or decrease bloating. They come in single-serve packets, so making a cup of this in the morning will take you no time at all. First of all, they taste great; they’re sweet, fruity, and tropical. They also make me actually feel good. When I use the Destress Ade, I get the literal opposite of a midday crash, and the Debloat Ade is great for the days that I go against my body and drink coffee and need a pick-me-up.

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5. Chlorophyll Water

I’ve been trying chlorophyll water for a few years now. While you might expect it to taste wretched, if you get a good chlorophyll, it’s actually quite tasty. When I drink chlorophyll water, I have so much more energy, and over time, my skin looks clearer too. It blew up on TikTok with major claims like weight loss and acne-free skin, and while I haven’t necessarily noticed a big difference in those aspects, the impact this has on my energy is huge.

I squeeze a dropper full of chlorophyll into a cup of cold water and stir, and I’m good to go. I’ll warn you that the first couple of times you use this, you’ll likely want to make sure it’s a work-from-home day or you’re near a trusty bathroom (you know what I mean). But my body got used to it pretty quickly, and now I don’t have any bowel-related issues while drinking it at all.

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