Everything That’s on Our Fashion Editor’s Wishlist for Fall


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Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

I’ve always been a proponent of a little retail therapy, but since starting my job as a fashion editor, I’ve had to do a 180-degree flip on my mentality of approaching it. I spend my days trying to find the very best things each season has to offer, which means that if I’m not careful, my apartment can turn into a sea of clothing bursting out of my closets by the minute. When it comes to fall clothes (the best pieces of the whole year), this can become a serious problem.

When each season changes and new trends begin to come around, it’s easy to load up a cart full of the things you see and love at first glance, but I’ve found that for me, a better strategy is coming up with a wishlist and acting from there. I find the things I can actually see myself wearing (ideally year-round), and then I prioritize which ones I want most and can justify buying—and as always, fall’s new releases are the most swoon-worthy of the whole year.

Fall clothes are always gorgeous, with their luxe textures and shades and the fantasies of coziness that always come with them, but this year’s trends somehow feel even better than usual. After perusing quite literally every fall release I could possibly lay my eyes on, I’ve decided what’s actually going to get a coveted spot in my closet this year. Want to take a peek? These are the items I’m considering (and a few that I’ve already invested in) for this season.

Favorite Daughter
Denim Button-Up

I’m all-in on denim-on-denim this year, and after seeing this shirt on TikTok a few times, it’s made its way to the very top of my most-wanted list. It’s perfectly oversized, and has a medium wash that’ll pair perfectly with all of my favorite pairs of jeans. I have visions of wearing it with my favorite relaxed denim and my Birkenstock clogs on repeat swirling in my head.

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Metallic Flats

I have fallen head-over-heels with ballet flats for the first time since my youth, and I’ve had a pair of silver ballet flats on my wishlist since the beginning of this year. Ballet flats are a smidgen more preppy than my style naturally is, but I feel like a pair in a metallic shade cools them up a bit and will provide a cool element to even my basic fall looks.

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High Rise Wide Leg Jeans

Fall is obviously jeans season, and since I wear a pair almost every day, they’re worth the investment to me—especially when a pair is this cool. I love every single thing about these jeans: the wash, the width of the leg, the cuffed hem. I ride or die for my other AGOLDE jeans, and I know I’d get the cost per wear out of these bad boys. I’m picturing styling them with the above silver ballet flats and a cropped button-up for office days.

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Clare V.
Woven Leather Handbag

Something I realized about myself this year is that I absolutely love a hobo-style messenger bag. I have one that I reach for literally every time I leave the house—I use it for the office, errands, and literally everything in-between—and since I’ve fallen in love with the style and shape, this one is on my list. Our CEO, Alaina, has the fanny pack version of it and swears by it, so I know the quality and functionality are up to par. All of the colors of this bag are gorgeous, but my eyes are set on the black version.

4 colors available

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Maxi Skirt with Slit

One of my most beloved fall uniforms is a skirt with an oversized sweater, but my maxi skirt game is deeply lacking. I love the shade of this satin one and that it’s a maxi rather than a midi, and think I’d wear it year-round (plus I can’t stop thinking about styling a Thanksgiving outfit around it). It’s a bit looser and more relaxed than similar skirts I’ve seen, which makes it feel a bit less 2016 to me.

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Boyfriend Blazer

In an absolute twist, despite owning 10+ blazers, I recently realized I don’t own a black one that I love. I have another blazer from DISSH that’s my favorite one I own (it’s perfectly oversized without being bulky or looking too big), so obviously my top choice is this perfect boyfriend blazer from them. It has a more relaxed, oversized fit that’s exactly what I look for in a blazer.

5 colors available

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Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater

My greatest hack to fall dressing is having a sweater tank top or two to layer underneath blazers and jackets without looking bulky and making me feel like I can’t move my arms all day. This sleeveless turtleneck sweater will not only be great to wear alone on warm fall days, but it’ll be perfect all season long to wear under my favorite jackets for a seamless layer (and one that’ll prevent me from overheating on my commute).

2 colors available

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Schutz x Revolve
Tessie Boots

Should these be included on my wishlist if I already ordered them? I've been on the hunt for this style of boot since last fall, and when I saw that these babies were on sale, pulled the trigger within maybe 60 seconds of seeing them. I love everything about these: the rich brown shade, Western details, height of the heel, pointed toe—all of it. I can't wait to style them with my denim and sweaters all fall and winter long.

Pro tip: These do run large, so I'd size down a half or full size.

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Rose Appliqué Blouse

The rose appliqué trend that’s been everywhere this year is the whimsical, feminine detailing of my dreams, and this top is such a practical way to wear it. I reach for a button-down constantly, and this one would be such an easy swap from the plain ones I usually reach for to kick my outfit up a notch.

2 colors available

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Sloane Tailored Pants

I own and love two pairs of these Abercrombie trousers, and wear them all the time come cold weather. They have such an amazing fit, with a wide but not-too-wide leg and a cinched-in waist that keeps them from looking too oversized. Both of my beloved pairs are neutral, so I'd love to wear this dreamy green pair to my arsenal this fall to wear with neutral sweaters on chilly days.

12 colors available

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Cashmere Collared Cardigan

I’ve been really conscious about only adding pieces to my wardrobe that I know I’ll have for years, and this is an investment sweater if I’ve ever seen one. I saw it for the first time over a year ago, and have been obsessed with it ever since (especially in the oat color). Instead of buying multiple fashion sweaters this season, I’m going to spend the money on this one instead, since I know I’ll get the cost-per-wear out of it before winter even hits.

7 colors available

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Crescent Bag

I’m a huge fan of Polène; their quality and experience for the price point is completely unmatched. I’ve been lusting over this bag literally for years now, and after it occupying my brain for so long, I can’t think of a better time to get it than for fall. I love that you can wear it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody. I love its perfect size. I love its stitching—it is truly perfect to me. I love every shade it comes in, but think that the camel one would perfectly fill a gap that’s missing in my closet.

14 colors available

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Karlie Boots

Candidly, these are a major splurge, but for dreaming's sake, I need to add these to my wishlist (emphasis on the *wish* part here). These are some of the most beautiful boots I've ever seen in my life, and I know I would get endless use out of them for presumably the rest of my life. If I had unlimited funds, these would be one of the first things I bought for fall, and they'd be an investment I know I wouldn't regret.

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