A Ranking of Our Editors’ Favorite Glossier Products

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Everyone has a brand they’re incredibly loyal to. For us, it’s Glossier. Their products are innovative, budget-friendly, and high-quality to boot. Between our editors, we’ve tried a mountain of their products from skincare to makeup to body care. Heck, we’re even fond of their GlossiWEAR clothing. So, what do we think about all the products we’ve tried? We sat down to rank our Glossier purchases, of course.

Ranking your beauty products is honestly an impossible task. How am I supposed to say if this cleanser is better than this mascara which is better than a lip gloss? It’s just apples to oranges, people. But we can tell you exactly what’s worth your money and what you should remove from your cart immediately. Note that beauty is really subjective, so while there were some products that were a favorite for one editor, another editor hated it. Based on our descriptions, you should be able to decide if a product will be your new best friend or not. Here’s what we’d recommend, what was so-so, and what we’d skip!

This certainly doesn’t include every single product in Glossier’s inventory, so if something is missing, it just means we need to add it to one of our next orders! 


Our Editors’ Absolute Favorites:

6 shades available

Cloud Paint

Glossier makes a few of my favorite skincare and beauty items, but the Cloud Paint really impressed me. Usually, when I hear that everyone likes a product, I'm skeptical about the hype. However, the Haze Cloud Paint is now the only blush I use because it's so natural and hydrating. The hype is valid.
- Bianca Lambert, Contributing Editor

Every editor who’s tried this ranked these at least top three, so you know there’s gotta be something to the hype!

4 shades available

Boy Brow

This product was widely loved by the entirety of our team (almost everyone mentioned it as a top product!)—you can't go wrong with this cult-favorite brow product.


I’ve only tried FutureDew (I need to try out more Glossier products ASAP)! However, I love to use FutureDew as a makeup primer for an all-day glow. It’s the perfect extra touch to make my skin glowy and give me a great base for makeup. I also wear it on no-makeup days if I just want a little extra something! I love that it’s not too heavy or sticky.
- Jessica Welsh, Editorial Assistant

8 flavors available

Balm Dotcom

As someone with consistently dry lips, a love for all things in chic packaging, and the unfortunate habit of losing things often, you'd think I would not be a prime candidate for fancy lip balm. Well, you'd think wrong! I absolutely love balm dot com and carry them around with me everywhere I go (which, these days, is really just back and forth between my bed and my desk). It's SUPER hydrating, the tubes are cute as heck, and the flavors/tints are light but noticeable. I'm a lifelong fan.
- Abigail Yonker, Social Media Editor

Basically our entire team raves about this lip balm. Bianca said she loves to use it on her cuticles and elbows too!

You Perfume

This is, by far, my favorite scent of all-time, and it's around half the price of other really popular perfumes. It does really make you smell like yourself but better, and it's the only perfume I've ever gone through multiple bottles of.

- Madeline Galassi, Associate Editor

Kelly and Beth also raved about this perfume! The scent is so distinguishable in the best way, and the price is really competitive for a high-end perfume.

6 colors available

Generation G Lipstick

OK—so I’ve definitely heard mixed reviews on this one, as with the older packaging, people didn’t love how it was quite flimsy and how the formula turned out. I can only speak for the newer packaging version of these when I say that I freaking love this product. For a bit of background, I have always had a timid relationship with lip colors, and don’t like the look that most lipsticks and tinted balms I’ve tried give off. I wanted a buildable, sheer formula with a soft matte finish that faded evenly and subtly as the day went on, and for that reason, Gen G is perfect. Bonus: the lychee rose scent is fab, and none of the colors I’ve worn have come off on a mask so far!
- Shriya Khanna, Editorial Intern

Beth loves these too for a natural lip look!

12 shades available

Stretch Concealer

I've struggled with acne for half my life—but now that my derm and I have finally gotten it under control, I'm feeling more prepared to ditch heavy makeup and go for lighter coverage. I first used the stretch concealer while my skin was at some of its worst—so you can rest assured that it does provide hydrating (read: non-cakey) coverage for breakouts and scarring—but when used to brighten up dark circles, it really shines. It's light, breathable, and looks very natural.
- Abigail Yonker, Social Media Editor

3 shades available

Haloscope Highlighter

I’ve been using Haloscope for years! I tend to go for a more natural makeup look for day-to-day, and this highlighter gives the exact look that I want. I’m obsessed with the warm, dewy glow that it gives me. I’m no makeup guru, so I also appreciate how easy it is to use. I just slide it on the top of my cheekbones and blend it in with my finger. It’s also a great product for the summer when it’s hot and I don’t want a lot of heavy products on my face!
- Keely Geist, The Everymom Social Media Editor

Pro Tip Liquid Eyeliner

A good, solid black eyeliner is without a doubt my #1 makeup must-haves (especially when all you can see is my eye makeup these days!). A liquid liner has to have three attributes for me to deem it worthy of repurchasing: it has to be an easy-to-use pen (versus the brush-and-dip-type deal); it should dry fast and be smudge-proof; it should be free of any strange fragrance (because trust me, I’ve met my fair share of smelly liners that just end up irritating my eyes). This baby passed the test with flying colors.
- Shriya Khanna, Editorial Intern

Lash Slick Mascara

This is hands down my favorite everyday mascara! I always buy a new one before I finish my current one so I never run out. There are a few things I never leave the house without on my face, and this is definitely one of them. I love how naturally long it makes my lashes look without getting all clumpy and gross. I’ve even had people ask if I had on extensions while wearing Lask Slick, so my suggestion to you is to save yourself a lot of money and try this instead.
- Keely Geist, The Everymom Social Media Editor

Josie also loves this mascara for lengthening her lashes to the extreme—this picture! is enough explanation! She says it's the only mascara she owns.

3 shades available

Lip Gloss

Lipgloss is one of my favorite makeup products, especially now that no one but me ever really sees my lips. I have both the clear gloss and the cherry red, and I love them both the same. They’re really hydrating and comfortable to wear all day long with whatever look I create, whether it’s a smokey eye or no makeup.
- Beth Gillette, Associate Editor

However, Shriya said she thought it was a little too sticky, so if you’re sensitive to lip gloss formulas, this might be a skip for you.

6 shades available

Lidstar Glistening Eye Glow

My makeup vice of choice has always been lipstick and I usually skip the big palettes of eyeshadows due to inevitably only using a single shade. But I fell hook, line, and sinker for the simplicity of Lidstar and the slick, matte-yet-gloss consistency.

I love that it's foolproof to use (no need to mess with your crease and multiple shades) and you can just swipe, tap, and go. I have the shades Cub and Moon, which are both are perfect for that slightest bit of shimmer. Moon is by far my favorite—it's so barely there it's almost just a reflection. As if you're dancing on a patio with a handsome stranger, you close your eyes for the barest moment, the moonlight kissing your face. And they think, "Wow, she is resplendent." And you open your eyes, look to the camera, wink and say, "Thank you, Lidstar!" This fantasy brought to you by Lidstar.
- Kelly Etz, Online Course Director and Senior Graphic Designer


The So-Sos:

Milky Jelly Cleanser

I have a difficult time finding cleansers for my sensitive, reactive skin. But the Milky Jelly Cleanser never causes any flare-ups or breakouts.
- Bianca Lambert, Contributing Editor

Maddie and Beth also really enjoy this cleanser, but they both prefer CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser for the price and how hydrating it is.

14 shades available

Colorslide Technogel Eyeliner Pencil

I snagged the mustard shade of this liner the day Glossier released their “Play” makeup line, and it’s been a favorite liner of mine ever since. It’s really smooth and glides on with ease, and I absolutely love the color options. I don’t usually pay this much for an eye pencil (these from NYX are so good and SO cheap!), but these come in so many unique shades I’ve never seen anywhere else. They’re also really pigmented, so I use mine for fun winged liner, blended as a shadow on the lid, on the lower lashline, or for a pop of color in the inner corner. Writing this right now is reminding me that I need to order more shades ASAP! This gorgeous burgundy is my fall dream.
- Beth Gillette, Associate Editor

Body Hero Oil Body Wash

Back when we still went to weddings, I was attending one with our very own Editorial Director, Allyson. I remember arriving, hugging her, then immediately accusing her of being a witch because her skin was SO SOFT. When she attributed it to Glossier's Body Hero products, I bought them the literal next day because I don't waste time. I like both of the products just fine; I think the oil wash had a nice lather in the shower and the Daily Perfecting Cream blended in to my skin pretty well. However that was the first and last time I bought these products because THE SCENT.

What to say about this smell? It felt like living inside a bottle of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino without all the interest and decadence. Truly just a straight hit of neroli that was so overpowering at one point I had to open the shower curtain to try and get a cross breeze going. Scents are incredibly personal (I'm a huge fan of the polarizing Ouai shampoo smell and I love a good hint of gasoline) so I'd recommend getting a sample of these before committing because you might love it. But if you're not into fragrance or strong smells, steer clear, my friends. Just a hot tip from me to you.
- Kelly Etz, Online Course Director and Senior Graphic Designer

3 shades available

Brow Flick Liquid Eyebrow Pen

So, here it is: I really do love this product, but the shade range is absolute garbage. I got the lightest shade because I was worried that the brown would be too dark on my eyebrows. Lo and behold: the “blonde” shade is way too light that it barely looks like anything on my skin. But I absolutely love the result when I can build the color up. It’s the most natural-looking brow ever, as if I have real hairs in all the sparse places. I would rate this so much higher if the shades were better.
- Beth Gillette, Associate Editor

Priming Moisturizer

On my first impression of this stuff years ago, I loved how rich and creamy this priming moisturizer was! It served as a light, moisturizing base for makeup, but once it ran out, I again opted for more affordable brands (like the CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion and The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA which have been saviors for my super dry skin).
- Ashley Selleke, Editorial Assistant

I’ve tried the Priming Moisturizer Rich as well, and would say it is so-so. I much-preferred the consistency of the original Priming Moisturizer because it was lightweight, whereas the Rich formula didn’t make me feel any more hydrated, just heavier on the skin.
- Beth Gillette, Associate Editor

4 shades available

Niteshine Highlighter

If you’re between Glossier’s two highlighters, I’d go with Haloscope instead unless you really love a metallic highlight. This one is pretty, but it does dry down to a more matte finish, which is typically the opposite of what I’m going for with my highlighter. I already spent money on it, so to use it up I like to put it underneath my foundation or I’ll use a clear face gloss on top (like Haloscope in Quartz) to make it dewier. This product isn’t bad, and maybe you’ll absolutely fall in love with it if you have really oily skin, but it definitely wasn’t for me.
- Beth Gillette, Associate Editor



Super Glow Vitamin C Serum

This Vitamin C serum was the first serum I ever purchased so I'm quite nostalgic about it. I had heard that vitamin C serum was good for anti-aging and improving the skin's radiance so it wasn't a difficult choice when I decided to give it a go! The serum worked in helping to brighten my complexion and added some hydration to my face, but I simply didn't replace it because I started using The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension which boasted a better price.
- Ashley Selleke, Editorial Assistant

Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector

I got this right when it came out and had such high hopes. I had scoured Reddit and YouTube, seeing basically all positive reviews. So when I used up a whole bottle and noticed not a single difference in my skin, I was pretty disappointed. It didn’t hurt my skin at all, and I’m sure it was doing some micro-effects I couldn’t notice, but I experienced zero physical differences, which made the $24 price tag just not worth it to me.
- Beth Gillette, Associate Editor

Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Cream

Back in January when I was visiting London, they just happened to have the biggest, most grandiose Glossier pop-up set up in the heart of Covent Garden. I didn’t need anything, per se, but I was feeling festive and felt compelled to purchase something that I could qualify as “practical enough.” With it being the coldest month of the year and my lips looking like I had recently risen from the dead, I asked about the best products to hydrate lips and I was recommended Bubblewrap, which doubles both as eye and lip cream. I only utilized it on my lips a few times during that trip, and instead of the “slightly soft tingle” I was promised, it felt more like I had badly sunburned my entire mouth, with a weird chalky essence to top it off. Sadly, I had to plod back into fancy London Glossier to return this.
- Shriya Khanna, Editorial Intern