5 Items That’ll Make Your Sex Better This Month

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Writing about sex and dating for a living comes with its unique set of perks. Namely, I’ve had the privilege of testing *a lot* of pleasure-enhancing products. Truthfully, though, I’m a bit old school—and I believe communication is the most impactful tool for a better sex life. Still, it’s nice to have a toolbox to delve into from time to time. In fact, I have an entire drawer in my nightstand dedicated to just this. And in that drawer, there’s a distinct line between the products I reach for often and those that have been collecting dust since their first use. The below items fit into the former category. Keep scrolling to find out why they’re about to make your sex life so much better.


1. Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

Okay, so, WOW. If I could tell my younger self that orgasms are not as easy or common as Samantha Jones leads you to believe, I’d also tell her to run and order this Awaken Arousal Oil. This product was a game-changer for my sex life. Like the brand’s Intimacy Melts (more on that later), this oil contains natural ingredients that are totally safe to use. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and does not contain any alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, phthalates, glycerin, parabens, or dyes. You can put it on your clitoris, inner labia, or inside the vagina (basically, wherever you want to feel enhanced pleasure).

The first time I used this oil I thought it had to be a fluke. To my (and my partner’s) delight, the results are the same each time: A stronger, deeper orgasm—sometimes even multiple. If you, like myself, find it difficult to reach your climax, I’d fully recommend this oil. I’m orgasming way more often than I used to, and I love the silky texture it provides. Plus, the stimulation seems to last way longer than with other oils I’ve tried.

better sex

Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

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2. My Girl Wellness Glad You Came Wipes

Sex can get messy—and that’s all part of the fun. But you shouldn’t be going through rolls of paper towels or dirtying a washcloth every time you need to clean up. These Glad You Came Wipes from My Girl Wellness have earned a lasting place on my nightstand. In sets of two, each pack comes with a dry wipe and a wet wipe. First, I use the dry wipe to soak up anything that’s been left behind post-sex. After everything’s all clear, the wet wipe helps refresh things down south.

I’ve always been particular about the products I put on or in my body, especially when it comes to these sensitive areas. What I love most about the wipes is the ingredients. You won’t find any harsh chemicals in these. Instead, they’re made with natural ingredients such as coconut extract, aloe vera extract, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Ava ursi and calendula flower extract help stave off infections, aloe vera is a natural way to maintain pH balance, and cucumber extract hydrates and soothes. The wipes feel soft against my skin and my body feels way more refreshed than it did in the days of paper towels (IYKYK). Pro tip: they’re not just for sex! You can stash these in your gym bag, too.

better sex

Glad You Came Wipes


3. Foria Intimacy Melts

Don’t be intimidated by these insertable melts; they’re small, easy to use, and made with all-natural ingredients. I was first introduced to Foria a few months ago when I tested the brand’s Awaken Arousal Oil—and I knew I had to try these, too.  The melts combine USDA organic-certified hemp CBD (grown in the United States) with organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter and they’re designed for vaginal and anal use. The coolest part? You should use them before sex.

Personally, I opt for pre-sex to enhance pleasure and ease any potential pain or discomfort. Once inserted, you’ll only need to wait 15 minutes for the product to melt and absorb. If you struggle to get wet or tend to tense up before sex, these are for you. They provide just the right amount of lubrication to feel natural, rather than slippery. Sex is noticeably better (no more pain!) and I can actually feel my body relaxing when I take these. Bonus: They smell like a mug of hot chocolate (and apparently they taste like one, too).

better sex

Intimacy Melts with CBD

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4. WTHN Sexual Wellness Ear Seed Kit

About five years ago, an extremely frustrating hormonal imbalance led me to acupuncture. The practice has been life-changing for me for a number of reasons, but the most significant impact has been on my sex life. Last year, I was introduced to ear seeds as a way to tap into the same benefits of acupuncture in between sessions. These tiny adhesives can be placed on specific acupressure points throughout your body, depending on your desired outcome. One of my favorite NYC-based acupuncture studios recently released this gorgeous Ear Seed Kit, which comes equipped with a map of specific acupressure points to improve your sexual wellness. There’s a point for desire, sexual function, stress relief, hormone support, aphrodisiac, and sexual energy.

Before my sixth date with my now boyfriend, I applied these to my ears on the points for sexual energy, desire, and aphrodisiac. That night I was turned on and energized, and I didn’t feel any of the stress or anxiety I’d typically feel when having sex with someone new. I also love that the kit comes with a sleek pair of gold tweezers, and the ear seeds themselves are super eye-catching. People actually mistake them for jewelry! They’re 24-karat gold-plated on a stainless steel base, with eight Swarovski crystal ear seeds, six dark yellow ear seeds, and six smoky quartz ear seeds.


5. Wonderlust Intimacy Card Deck

Remember how I said communication is the key to better sex? Well, that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Again, I write about sex for a living (and I spend my free time talking to experts about sex, dating, and relationships on my podcast). Yet somehow I still find myself clamming up from time to time when I want to broach the subject of sex with my boyfriend. Sharing your fantasies, preferences, and curiosities with someone can be intimidating, to say the least. But a healthy sex life is crucial for a healthy relationship—and the only way to get what you want in the bedroom is to ask for it.

Enter this mindful intimacy card deck from Wonderlust. When you use this game with your partner, it’s not you asking the questions—it’s the cards. Somehow, this small technicality makes talking about sex *so* much easier. Each card has a prompt designed to strengthen communication with your partner, deepen your connection, and (of course) improve your sex life. Every prompt is based on relationship psychology and the deck is backed by sex experts. Take it from me, these cards are certain to add some spice to your relationship. 

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