People Are Calling This “The Easiest Way to Reach Multiple Orgasms”—So We Put It to the Test

As someone who spends a fair share of time interviewing experts and talking about sex, I know firsthand that having multiple orgasms (let alone one orgasm) is no simple feat. So, when I heard people raving about Foria and the ease at which its products ignite their orgasms, I knew I had to give them a try. Enter: the brand’s best-selling Awaken Arousal Oil, an all natural oil blend designed to give you incomparable pleasure—solo, or with a partner.

One quick thing to know about me: I fully believe everyone should practice solo sex. Not only is it the ultimate self-care activity, masturbating is the best way to learn what you do (and don’t) like. Especially if you’ve never had an orgasm with a partner, take the pressure off and practice on yourself. And what better time to indulge in some pleasure than with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, right?

Personally, I’m obsessively particular about the products I’ll take into the bedroom. Through years of experience and practice, I’ve learned what I like. And whether I’m solo or with a partner, I tend to get to that hair-raising place with no outside assistance necessary. Below, learn how my perspective changed with the Awaken Arousal Oil.


Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

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About the oil:

Like all Foria’s products, the Awaken Arousal Oil is made with natural ingredients that you can feel totally safe using on your body. The oil is vegan and gluten free and does not contain any alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, phthalates, glycerin, parabens, or dyes. What does it contain? Organic MCT coconut oil, USDA organic-certified broad-spectrum hemp extract (THC ≤ .3%), botanical infusions such as organic kava root, organic cinnamon, and organic vanilla, as well as organic essential oils (cardamom, peppermint, and cacao absolute).

Foria specifically made its arousal oil for people with vulvas, but the brand says people with penises have enjoyed the effects of it, too. The oil is safe to apply to the clitoris, inner labia, and inside the vagina, to help enhance your pleasure and promote a stronger and more enjoyable orgasm. Spoiler alert: it works.



Putting it to the test:

Per the product’s directions, I started with three pumps of the oil and gently massaged it on. From there, I gave it a few minutes to absorb and do its thing. The brand says this can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Once you’ve massaged on the oil, you can simply experiment with it and go about things as you normally would. The intent is for the oil’s organic and natural ingredients to intensify the pleasure you’re already feeling, and that’s exactly what it did.



My initial reaction:

I went into this fully believing I could experience the same level of orgasm on my own, with no tools as I could with any sex toy or product. I’ve always preferred to go the manual route versus a vibrator, but I hadn’t dabbled too much in the world of oils or lubricants. So, to say I was shocked by this one oil’s impact would be an understatement.

After massaging the oil in, I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, I felt a tingling sensation within just a few minutes. If you think all orgasms are the same, think again. This oil heightened an already-pleasurable experience and did in fact leave me feeling like I could go for another one on my own, which I seriously rarely do.

Suddenly, my entire point of view on sex products changed. I mean, sure, I could have an orgasm with no assistance—but why not enhance that experience? Was I trying to win a prize for doing it on my own? My story quickly adapted from I’m good on products to Wow, do oils make everything better?



The verdict:

Not only am I particular about the sex products I use, I’m picky about anything I put in or on my body. Knowing Foria uses natural and organic ingredients is what sealed the deal for me in deciding to give the products a whirl. They offer up a few different intimacy products that I’d recommend if you’re a first timer.

First and foremost, the Awaken Arousal Oil (obviously, if I haven’t raved about it enough). But if you’re not one to dive headfirst into a full-sized product or you want to explore some other fan-favorite intimacy options that Foria offers, I’d point you towards the Teaser, which includes travel sizes of both the Awaken Arousal Oil and their signature Sex Oil, or the Quickie Kit, which includes a travel size of the Awaken Arousal Oil, a travel size of their signature Sex Oil, and two Intimacy Melts. But trust me when I say… you cannot go wrong.

Shop the entire Intimacy Collection for 20% off with code EVERYGIRL, now until February 14, and find out which one sparks your best orgasm. As for me, I can confidently say this oil will be holding down a special place in my nightstand—my only fear is that my future orgasms will all be measured against this product’s results.


Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

Shop the entire Intimacy Collection for 20% off with code EVERYGIRL, now until February 14!

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