Everything Our Editors Are Buying for Fall From Amazon

During a year that’s more, well, precedented than this one, fall can send us into a bit of a nesting mode. Spending more time at home while the temperatures are chilly and pumpkin-everything is in season makes us want to bathe in every fall-related thing we can get our hands on—and this year, that’s amplified by approximately 1 trillion.

With a fall that’s destined to be spent mostly at home, we’re stocking up on all of the things that are going to bring us joy throughout the fall season—and we all know the easiest way to do that is with two-day Prime shipping.

These are the best things our editors have ordered from Amazon for fall 2020—from super-soft slippers to seasonal spices you didn’t know you needed to a face mask that will save your winter skin. Add to your cart now and thank us later.


La Roche-Posay

Hydraphase Intense Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask

The second the temperatures drop beneath 60 in Chicago, my face turns from that of a human being to something resembling the ground of the Sahara desert. I need to go into hydration mode the second September hits to prevent as much dryness as I physically can, and this mask is an absolute key to that. I'll slather on a layer a few times a week (or honestly once a day), and it helps my skin to look dewy and like I actually have healthy skin, which is no easy feat. This is a staple in my cold-weather skincare routine and will be for the rest of my days.


Home Natural Doormat

I've been wanting a fall doormat that I can leave up all season long (rather than just for Halloween), and this was exactly what I was looking for. It's brought me a little bit of joy every time I come through the door.


Velvet Pillows

To avoid my apartment feeling too cluttered with fall decor, I've been trying to swap out my regular decor that's there year-round with some that is more fall-appropriate, and these pillows are the perfect addition. They're fall-esque but don't feel like obvious decor—they just make my apartment feel more cozy and ready for the chilly season.


Simply Organic

Pumpkin Spice

OK fine, I'm basic. Starting September 1st, I like to put pumpkin spice on everything: my coffee, spaghetti squash, a banana bread (you name it, I've tried it). I like this brand because it's certified and full of really potent and good-for-you spices that not only taste like autumn in a bottle, but pack a major health boost.


Open Front Leopard Knit Cardigan

Come fall, I'm obsessed with anything that has "long," "cozy," or "knit" in the description (I think we've already established I'm pretty basic). Leopard print is basically a neutral in my mind, so I'm obsessed with this chic, soft cardigan that's just over $20.


Essential Oil Bundle

If you know me, you know I have an unhealthy attachment to my essential oil diffuser. I love it on all day, every day. Typically, I go for lavender essential oil before bed and peppermint oil during the day, but this year, I'm getting in the spirit of the season and switching to essential oils like nutmeg, pine, cinnamon, fir needle, and clove. Sounds like a forest, right? Just what I want during a cozy fall evening at home! Plus, it comes with a "special blend," called The Happy Holidays Blend, to which I say it is never too early to start getting ready for Christmas.



Fairy Lights

Nothing cultivates a ~mood~ more than a little dim lighting and these fairy lights never disappoint. I hang them around all my windows and doorways in the fall to add some much needed ambiance to a casual Wednesday afternoon.


Plush Slipper

I adore these so much I may buy them in every single color. I almost wore mine out of the house yesterday because my feet were truly SO happy I didn't even notice. They are true-to-size and ultra cozy so honestly what are you waiting for.


Oversize Cardigan

I am allll about a giant fuzzy cardigan since I can swap out the shirt underneath and still feel like I'm wearing something different than the last 18 days in a row. Works with jeans or leggings or fancy leggings (read: faux leather) or sweatpants or no pants. A dream.



Ultra Hydrating Overnight Dream Cream

As the nights get colder, longer, and dryer, I know that my face will need lots more moisture. This 100 percent vegan overnight cream is amazing night—or day—on your face, powered by melatonin and hemp seed oil. It also doesn’t leave a film of mineral oil on your face or on your pillow overnight. It has been my new favorite product in my fall beauty arsenal, with just enough moisture and glow to get my face through harsher weather.


Grill Cover with BBQ Smoker Cover

Yes, I am a griller—a serious griller—down to the charcoal, the smoker, and the accessories. If most of your cooking happens outdoors on the grill like mine, you know how important it is to protect it from the rain, wind, and sun to keep it from rusting when the weather gets cooler. This thick grill and smoker cover is big enough to cover the whole grill and is heavy duty and waterproof, so that it won’t fly off. This fall, I’ll be ready to preserve one of my favorite summer tools.

Your Heart's Content

Velvet Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite season, and now that I have a whole house of my own to decorate, no corner will be spared with fall home décor, starting with these cute velvet decorative pumpkins to scatter all over my home. They come in warm fall colors like rust and gold and are a great pinch of lux design to add into the home. If I’m going to be stuck at home for the rest of the fall, I plan to be stuck with great and cozy home décor to look at and admire!



Lightweight Gold Hoops

The gold hoop earrings are perfect for every outfit— I rarely ever switch out my earrings anymore! The gold doesn’t tarnish and they are a great price for 14k gold!


Bike Shorts

I was hunting for biker shorts for forever (I didn’t think I could pull them off) and finally found these beauties! The white color is not see-through and they are perfect for running and working out. Put on a large graphic tee and some sneakers and you have a regular day outfit too.


I Would Leave Me If I Could.: A Collection of Poetry

I cannot wait until Halsey’s collection of poetry comes out in November. I pre-ordered it as soon as she posted about it on instagram. Even the cover art is gorgeous!!



We always need more sweatpants, and these lightweight joggers come in handy when I’m working at home. The olive green color is a perfect neutral for fall.


Workout Set

I’ve been trying to find a workout set forever that was good quality and inexpensive. Finally I found this athletic set that comes in multiple pastel colors—my fav!


Dr. Martens

Molly Rainbow Leather Boots

Don't let the perceived bulkiness of this boot stop you from giving these a try. Dr. Martens work with everything from denim to the dressiest dresses.


Chenille Socks

What is fall without cozy socks? I honestly love UGG anything, and these socks are my latest addition. I wear these with my Dr. Martens or solo around the house. When washing these socks, use the delicate cycle and Woolite.


Hooded Cargo Jacket

Layering pieces are always my go-to for fall. I love this cargo jacket because it will pair well with a sweater, hoodie, or even a T-shirt, and it has pockets!


Turkish Linen

Waffle Kimono Bathrobe

I’ve been on the hunt for a lightweight robe for a while now. No matter the season, I’m always so warm while getting ready (especially just out of the shower), so this is perfect for standing in the bathroom doing hair and makeup. It’s also great for fall because while it’s lightweight, the waffle material is thick enough that it’s super cozy too. Also, it’s only $14! *gasp*


Faux Fur Slide Slippers

I’ve had my eye on the Ugg slide slippers for two seasons now, but I just can’t bring myself to spend $80 on them. These faux fur slides have tons of glowing five-star reviews and a few of our editors love them too. They are currently in my cart and will be purchased ASAP!

RYB Home

Linen Textured Sheer Window Curtains

I live in a small studio apartment with a total of two windows (yes, I’m crying about it). Half of one is taken up by a window A/C unit, and there are some not-so-cute blinds on both. I’m not sure why waited so long, but I finally ordered these pretty linen-style curtains to cover up all of the ugliness while still letting light in—and to bring in some extra warmth and texture for the fall season. At under $20 for a set of two, these seriously can’t be beat.



Racerback Crop Tops, 4-Pack

It might seem odd to buy a set of tank tops for fall—but as we all know, fall weather can change on a dime. I'm purchasing this set of cropped tanks to layer while working from home (sometimes I get so worked up while working that I strip layers off and on rapidly, lol) and while exercising. Sometimes I leave the house for a run, only to rip my jacket off within a mile or two. These will be perfect for in-between weather!


Cotton Rope Basket

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to use this basket as an actual laundry basket or as storage for my blankets—but either way, it's a chic, warm, and cozy addition to my small apartment.


Men's Henley Sweater

I've had my eye on this men's henley ever since our partnerships director Ally shared it a few months ago—and now that the temps are dropping, it's time for me to make my move.



Stainless Steel Metal Link Apple Watch Band

I’ve been looking for the perfect accessory to add to my collection, and I started to think about what more could I add. I love this Apple Watch band to add a little something extra to my everyday jewelry.

Lulu Candles

Spiced Vanilla Candle

If you ask me, fall is all about snuggling up, getting lost in classic Disney+ movies, and setting the mood right with the perfect candle. This one is affordable and perfect for fall without being too overpowering.


Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

This cozy crewneck is worthy to live in all season long—especially while working from home!


Amazon Essentials

Fleece Lined Sherpa Jacket

I've already seen two influencers I love sporting this sherpa jacket, so this was an immediate purchase for me. It's cozy, under $30, and I plan on wearing it constantly once the weather cools down. With six colors available, there's a very strong chance I'll own at least two by the end of the season.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

The Home Edit

I added this book to my Amazon cart right after watching "Get Organized with The Home Edit" on Netflix. While I know I realistically won't get to organizing right this moment (trying to soak in every moment of nonviolent Chicago fall temps before we hit 30 degrees and below), I know that the cold is coming and I'll be spending more time indoors as the weeks crawl on. When that happens, I plan to get it together and get cracking on clearing my clutter.


Moisturizing Cream

To me, fall = eczema season! Yippee! I've sworn by CeraVe moisturizing cream for years and now that dry, cold weather is on the horizon, I know to be stocked and ready.


Witches Brew Mug

How freakin' cute is this coffee mug? I've never truly embraced the Halloween season but this year, I'm excited to follow the lead of my coworkers (Beth and Maddie, I'm talking about you) and go all out. While this mug is intended to be seasonal, I have a feeling I'll be using it proudly all year long. The witch is IN and she is READY.