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Expensive Tech Items You Should Invest In If…


I’ll admit there was a time in my life where a “splurge” meant the thick ply toilet paper. But now, I feel like I can buy the thick ply (heavennnnnn is a place on earth) and invest in tech that makes my life easier and my pet’s hair more manageable. What a time to be alive.

Here, I’ve rounded up a few tech investments to consider based on your personal lifestyle, career goals, or home bugaboos.


If you have pets…

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Robot Vacuum

I just bought this little vacuum and I am here to tell you IT IS TRULY MAGICAL. If you have any kind of pet hair situation (I only have one cat, but could make 18 more with the amount of hair she sheds daily), think of this as an investment in your personal happiness as well as a huge time saver. Program it to run and it zips around, sucking up everything, meaning that you don’t have to. Slow clap.

RoboVac 11+

I know Roomba is the go-to brand for robot vacuums, but I'm very into this eufy one, that comes highly reviewed on Amazon and has LOTSA SUCTION POWER.

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Bladeless Fan

I have an irrational fear of fans with blades — I want no part of me near those spinning whirs of death. I also frequently worry about my cat getting too curious and sniffing around fans when I’m out of eyesight, it literally makes me shudder. Which is why I’m considering investing in a Dyson bladeless fan, even though they come with a real hefty price tag. Peace of mind can sometimes be priceless, amiright? Also a winner if you have kids!

Air Multiplier Table Fan

Also, let's just take a moment to appreciate Dyson's design aesthetic. *Sigh*

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Air Multiplier Tower Fan

This one's tall! ~Fancy~

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Treat Tossing Dog Camera

I’ll admit, this is incredibly extra, but HEY PEOPLE LOVE THEIR PETS.

Dog Camera

This gadget that allows you to treat your dog without being physically present was featured on Ellen, so you know it's quality af.

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If you’re a traveler, commuter, or are like, ~really~ into music…

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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re listening to music in your home on the daily, you’ll be so over your phone’s puny speakers. Ain’t gonna cut it, amiright? I like to listen to podcasts while I’m showering — multitasking is my jam — and investing in a wireless speaker to ensure I could hear every second over the obnoxiously loud sound of my apartment shower was a game changer.

Ultimate Ears
Boom 2

This speaker comes highly recommended as one of the best Bluetooth speakers around — it's reasonably priced, super loud, durable, and not an eyesore. Check, check, check.

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Item Locater

There is nothing worse than losing your phone when you’re traveling — talk about feeling naked and afraid. This nifty little card can be attached to anything (think phone, keys, wallet) and ring when you activate it. You can also use the app to pinpoint the location of the thing you lost. Queue you starting to breathe again.

Tile Slim Item Finder

Also pretty reasonably priced for a little peace of mind.

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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re commuting a bunch (I feel ya), a great pair of wireless headphones will change your lyfe. Whether you’re an airpods person — how do they not just fall out?! I have questions — or into retro, headband-style headphones, a wireless pair will ensure you don’t get so tangled in the seatbelt of your Uber Pool that you basically fall out of the car… and yes, this happened to me twice last week.


I actually see a shocking number of people walking around Chicago with these in — if they don't lose them, you probably won't either. Plus, as I always say, mo' cords, mo' drama.

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Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

These headphones aren't exactly "minimal," but they come HIGHLY recommended from Amazon reviewers and are priced incredibly reasonably.

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Wireless Hotspot

When you’re traveling, it can be hard to find a strong wifi signal — or really, ANY wifi signal. With this pint-sized device, you can connect anywhere and everywhere with no roaming charges.

G2 Mobile Hotspot

Wifi anywhere you go? #BLESSED

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I’ll freely admit, I’m not a music aficionado by any means, so allow me to quote from the Amazon product description, “produces a pure analog listening experience that recreates the performance the way the artist intended.” If you’re looking to branch into a vinyl record collection, this turntable comes recommended for balance and sound quality.

High Fidelity Turntable

Lots of positive reviews! A sleek, minimal design!

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If you have asthma, allergies, dry skin, or frequent colds…

Source: Almost Makes Perfect


Air Purifier

I am VERY intrigued by Molekule, because I have suddenly developed allergies — I’m 25 and my life is falling apart, it’s nbd — and it’s one of the most highly rated air purifiers on the market. It’s also one of the most expensive tech-y products you can invest in, so you should truly think of it as an investment. Basically, it sucks in all the air in your home/apartment/room and destroys the gross stuff, ensuring you’re breathing clean air. If you’re just looking for cleaner air without any specific triggers — like asthma or allergies — you are probably fine with a traditional air purifier. However, if you’re looking for something to truly filter your air, Molekule might be your best option.


Also available with a payment plan. It's not hard to look at either.

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If you suffer from dry skin in the winter, or live in a place with a lot of dry heat, a humidifier is key. It can help keep the air in your home at 50% humidity — good for your skin and your health.

Essential Oil Diffuser

This humidifier diffuses essential oils, has great reviews, and looks pretty. Win, win, win.

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If you’re working on growing a business, freelance side hustle, or like to invest in your hobbies/passions…

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Instant Film Camera

The era of polaroids was a real time to be alive. I love that instant film cameras have made a comeback — there’s something really special about only having a specific number of photos you can take and then instantly seeing the result.

Instax Mini

This camera is incredibly highly reviewed — jump on that bandwagon, y'all.

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iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

I cannot say enough good things about my iPad Pro — I rave about it to anyone within earshot and yes, I have a lot of friends, thanks. It’s a huge investment, but if you’re in the lettering/art/graphic design game it can save you EONS of time and is honestly really fun to use.

iPad Pro

Make sure you get the iPad Pro — the Apple Pencil will only work with the Pro. I recommend the larger size!

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Apple Pencil


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Screen Cutting Machine

All my crafters put yo hands up! If you’re into vinyl stickers, screen-printed t-shirts, and other cool, crafty DIY projects, this Circut machine is your jam. It comes HIGHLY reviewed and includes an app, which feels legit.

Explore Air 2
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If you can’t stop watching Top Chef


An Espresso Maker

If you’re routinely dropping $5-10 on coffee every morning at Starbucks (*cough* oops *cough*), consider investing in a fancy coffee maker for your home. The investment will pay for itself in a few months and also makes you feel like a real ass gourmet when you can whip out a profesh af espresso drink for all your guests.

On Barista Brain Coffee Maker

This coffee maker has a 24 hour start timer (!), which means you could program it to make coffee for you as you are waking up for your day and yes there is a god.

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A Blender System

If you’re thinking you’re ready to make your own peanut butter, salad dressings, spiralized noodles, and fiber-rich smoothies, it might be time to spring for an upgraded blending system that can do it all — and then some. There’s nothing worse than getting a bee in your bonnet to make something and then realizing you can’t because you don’t have the right equipment.

Intelli-Sense Kitchen System

This blender has a touch screen, which is exactly how extra I would like my kitchen appliances to be thankyouverymuch.

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If you’re a homebody

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Home ‘Assistant’

Hey Google, order me one of those pods I can talk to, okay? Cool, thanks, bye.

Google Home Mini

Now you don't have to get up and find the remote to tell Netflix that yes, you're still watching.

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Learning Thermostat

We have a Nest in The Everygirl office and turning it up to 73 is my literal favorite thing to do when I arrive every day (it would be 78, but I’ve heard that is a little ~too~ hot for some people…). The Nest is ridiculously easy to use and it looks pretty and minimal and tech-y chic on your wall.

Learning Thermostat

This can also save you money in the long run because you'll have more control over the temperature of your home/apartment. FANCY.

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