Binge It: These Shows Will Get You in the Fall Spirit


I watch a lot of TV. It’s my solace away from work and the stresses of daily life, so when I get a chance to stay home for a Saturday and watch a show all day long, it’s my favorite. Now that it’s fall, I don’t have to feel guilty about snuggling on the couch with nothing but a hot cider (or wine if the time is right) and the remote in hand.

However, if your weather is anything like Chicago’s and the temps go from 50 to 80 in a matter of hours, it’s hard to feel like it’s really time for big sweaters and pumpkin rolls. So, I put together my two favorite things (binge watching TV shows and fall!), and violà. Here you go. Happy watching, friends.


1. Gilmore Girls

It’s just quintessentially a fall show. There’s no disputing it! I watch at least the first few seasons of Gilmore Girls every fall in my own attempt to vicariously live through the Gilmore’s because Stars Hallow is my dream fall town. Imagine trick-or-treating there? BREATHTAKING.

Watch on: Netflix


2. Riverdale

From the high school feels (every fall is back-to-school in my world!) to the creepy nature, everything about Riverdale feels like a cozy night in with friends. Riverdale follows a group of high schoolers as they try to uncover the secrets of their town and solve a murder. It’s what made the Internet obsessed with Cole Sprouse, and you’ll fall in love with practically every single character (including a few cameos from THE Molly Ringwald!).

Watch on: Netflix, Hulu, and The CW app


3. This Is Us

Technically, there is nothing fall about this show. However, the feel-goodness and overall ~cozy~ vibes make me want to cuddle up and watch this all day long. Just be sure this is a no make-up day because you’ll probably cry most of the time.

Watch on: Hulu


4. The Good Wife

When Alicia Florrick’s (Julianna Margulies) husband is involved in a political and adultery scandal, she must pick up the pieces for her family and go from the wife of a politician to badass defense attorney. It’s full of drama, making it the perfect addition to your fall TV lineup.

Watch on: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime


5. Dark

Not only does this show have the high school elements that just feel so fall to me, but the scenery is dark (ha) and chilly.  Two young boys go missing in a small German town, and the secrets that are unearthed are absolutely chilling. I binge watched this series in a day, starting with some coffee, and by the end, I seriously needed a glass of wine.

Watch on: Netflix


6. American Horror Story

I could go on for days about my love for American Horror Story. If you’re looking to be a little spooked this fall, this is the go-to. AHS is a limited series, so each season follows a different story. My personal favorite AHS seasons are Murder House (1), Coven (3), and Hotel (5), but you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them. Ghosts, witches, someone dressed in all leather, vampires? It’s got it all. (Oh, and Jessica Lange, Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts — you’ll be hooked.)

Watch on: Hulu and Netflix


7. Scream Queens

If AHS is a little too scary for you, Scream Queens is the way to go.

Watch on: Hulu and Netflix


8. My So Called Life

If you’re obsessed with anything set in a high school like me, this’ll be your new favorite. Starring Claire Danes and Jared Leto, this show explores the angst of being a teenager (because we all know how that feels). Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) is still my high school crush.

Watch on: Hulu


9. Friday Night Lights

High school football is something most all of us can recall from our high school days, and Friday Night Lights will bring back all those mems (good AND bad!). Our queen Connie Britton stars with Taylor Kitsch, Jesse Plemons, Minka Kelly, and Michael B. Jordan in this drama-filled story surrounding a high school football team. You’ll be wishing you were back at the football field.

Watch on: Hulu


10. Stranger Things

How could we make this list without our favorite show?! Stranger Things has everything – hilarious children, spooks, AND just about the best storyline of this century (fight me on it!). Grab your Hawkins hoodie, a cup of joe, and get to binging for the tenth time.

Watch on: Netflix


11. Gossip Girl

There are a lot of reasons to watch Gossip Girl over and over, but I’ll keep pressing “next episode” for the fall fashion inspo every time. All the coats, headbands, and boots I could ever need to get me through the season.

Watch on: Netflix


12. A Series of Unfortunate Events

I was a little skeptical of this show as a huge fan of the original with Jim Carey, but I was blown away by the acting and detail of this show. While the first season tells a lot of the stories we know from the first movie, season two tells all those other Baudelaire stories we loved as kids. If you’re looking for a family friendly spookfest, this is for you.

Watch on: Netflix


13. Bates Motel

I will forever be afraid of standing in the shower since I saw Psycho, and Bates Motel is an awesome look at what was going on in Norman Bates’s life before he started killing in his hotel. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore’s chemistry is so amazing throughout the entirety of the show, I started to worry it was real. (It’s not!) This show is set in the northwest, so it’s always gloomy and 55. All the fall feels.

Watch on: Netflix


14. Glee

This is a nontraditional option, but I felt at least one musical needed to make it on this list. Glee is set in a small town Ohio high school, and it’s the perfect show to disperse throughout your other scarier, more intense options. The acting and singing are all incredible, and I’ll always belt Don’t Stop Believing because of this show.

Watch on: Netflix and Amazon Prime


15. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

If you don’t have memories of coming home from school to watch this on weekdays, who are you? (Hehe, just kidding. But seriously, what did you watch!?) Watch our old favorite before the Netflix reboot comes out at the end of the month!

Watch on: Amazon Prime


Which are you excited to watch? What shows get you in the fall spirit? Let us know in the comments!