The Latest Hair Trend That’s Totally Blair Waldorf Approved

Something about fall makes me want to wear nothing but plaid skirts, tights, and cashmere sweaters — basically anything Blair Waldorf would wear during her glamorous back-to-school days at Constance Billard School for Girls. Is it weird that years later, a fictional high school character is still my greatest fall fashion inspo?

Either way, I received the best news of my life (okay, maybe just of the season) when I found out that headbands, aka Blair’s signature accessory, are not only back in style, but they’re cooler than ever.


Source: @anoukyve Source: @amberfillerup Source: Gal Meets Glam Source: Popsugar Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere Source: Daily Dose


The easiest part of the look is actually the styling–you can throw a fabric headband on with a messy bun for a cooler casual look or a slicked back pony for a more retro feel. Thinner, embellished headbands make for the perfect date night accessory with a blowout or loose waves. You can basically throw a headband on with almost any hair style, but the key to make the look work is having lots of texture and volume in your hair. Spray dry shampoo at your roots to make sure there’s plenty of volume behind the headband.

Now in updated fabrics, textures, and styles, the classiest hair item is officially back on trend for fall. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf (or just hide bad hair days) and shop our favorite headbands, below:



Do you wear headbands? How would you style the classic hair accessory?