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9 Simmer Pot Recipes That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Source: The DIY Playbook
Source: The DIY Playbook

I love a good scented candle as much as the next gal, but I’ve always vaguely wondered: Are candles bad for you? Although I’m not particularly concerned that my favorite pumpkin pecan waffle candle will lead to my demise, I figure breathing in those fumes isn’t the best, especially if the candle has synthetic fragrances and petroleum-based wax. I’m no doctor, but it seems a bit sus. So what other options do you have when you want your home to smell like a spicy-sweet autumn oasis? Our favorite is the simmer pot.

A simmer pot–also sometimes called stovetop potpourri–is the internet’s favorite hack for a great-smelling home, and honestly, it couldn’t be simpler. You start by filling a pot with some sliced fruit, herbs, whole spices, or whatever fragrant ingredients you have on hand. Then add water, bring it to a simmer on the stove, and the entire room instantly smells incredible. Picture a witch brewing up a cauldron full of bubbling potion but with sweet autumn smells.

Simmer pots are the perfect trick for guests coming over–or if you just want your house to match the vibe of your rainy-day fall movie marathon. I scoured TikTok to find the best simmer pot recipes for fall, and trust me—you will not be disappointed. Step away from the candle aisle and try one of these simmer pot recipes the next time you’re in the mood for some seasonal scents.


The fall simmer pot you’ll want to make on repeat:


Autumn simmer pot 🍁🍂 your whole home will smell like fall #autumn #simmerpot #fallvibes #cozy

♬ original sound – Heather May


A simmer pot that smells like pumpkin pie:


my house smells amazing! #fall #simmerpot

♬ fall – edits baby


A simmer pot for those who prefer apple crisp:


Reply to @jodieneumann perfect before guests come over 🍂 #simmerpot #homefragrance

♬ Lost – Album Version – Frank Ocean


A cozy simmer pot for chilly fall days:


This is the most fragrant simmer pot I’ve made! Definitely a new favorite. The lemon is just👌🏼🍋😍 so good! Ingredients and directions in the comments. 💛 #simmerpot #simmerpotrecipes

♬ Butterflies – Piano Sonata – Tony Anderson


A simmer pot that requires only a few ingredients from your spice rack:

Letting this baby simmer for book club tonight! #fallvibes#simmerpot#fallsimmerpot

♬ Coffee Shop – Late Night Luke


A simmer pot with coconut water for a bougie twist:


Coconut water simmer pot 😍🥥 @vitacoco #vitacocopartner #coconutwaterinsteadof #simmerpot #cleantok #natural #cleaning #hack #tipsandtricks #home

♬ Coconut-JP – Tiger Mansion


A miniature fall simmer pot that’s cute as can be:


Make your space smell like fall 🍎 🍁… naturally. ((Version with the intentions will be posted later tonight for those that folllow)) #aroma #fall #halloween #basic #witch #fallsmells #pumpkin #smells #cinnamon

♬ Fall October Halloween horror classic(177261) – rareNote


A simple, chai-inspired simmer pot:


Living a chai spiced life 🍁🍂 #fall #diyfall #autumnvibes #cottagecoreaesthetic #simmerpot #diyhack #chai #recipe

♬ Faerie Queen – Dark Celtic Music


A simmer pot that will make your house smell like a Williams-Sonoma store: 


Make your home smell like our store! #williamssonoma #simmerpot #simmerpotrecipes #potpourri #homefragrance #diy #newyear #routine

♬ Inspiration – The Young Ebenezers