9 Festive Holiday Nail Colors to Try

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We’ve made DIY hair treatments, we’ve started retinol, and we’ve even put masks on our feet. 2020 has been a year filled with self-care, but sometimes you just have to take it back to basics, and for many of us, that’s painting our nails at home. An at-home manicure isn’t the most glamorous of treats to yourself (especially if you’re used to the magic of a nail salon—after this year, I will never take that luxury for granted!), but the end result is enough to make us happy for a few days. 

To be honest though, I’d be lying if I said a holiday-themed manicure is exactly “self-care”; to me, it’s a way to get festive and feel in the holiday spirit. TBH, I’d say beauty and fashion is probably the best way to get in the spirit (other than Dash + Lily, which is my favorite show in the world right now). But what more could we need than holiday cheer and self-care right now? (Not much!) 

Whichever reason you’re trying a new nail color this season, here are a few shades to try this year—because there’s more to a festive look than your beloved red nails. 


1. Oxblood

source: @oliveandjune

2. Star Nail Art

source: @overglowedit


3. Metallic French

source: @betina_goldstein

4. Cranberry

source: @essie

5. Light Blue

source: @essie

6. Cherry Red

source: @mischobeauty

7. Glitter

… but make it 2020 and not middle school with a good top coat and groomed, filed nails! 

source: @oliveandjune

8. Metallic Red

source: @holotaco

9. Evergreen

source: @emmaheartssnails