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Last chance! Spring enrollment in our Finance 101 online course is closing Monday, March 16 at 11:59 pm CT. Claim your spot now for immediate access to our full course, with insight, guidance, and advice on making your finances work for you. If you’ve been looking for the comprehensive guide to money you’ve always wanted—including how to create a budget that actually works, the steps to take to raise your credit score, making an achievable plan to pay down your debt—this is the course for you. 


“I wish I knew more about my credit when I was starting out: Never carry a balance you can’t pay off every month; don’t close credit cards because your age of credit matters; set up auto payments so you’re never late on a payment. Oh the list goes on of what it took me too long to learn… [hangs head in shame].” 

Alaina, Cofounder of The Everygirl & The Everymom


“When I was in my 20s, retirement was the last thing on my mind. Looking back, I wish I had started saving earlier. I’ve been self-employed since 2007, so my employer never gave me the option to start and contribute to a 401(k), and I honestly didn’t know what an IRA was until I started one in my 30s (better late than never, right?).” 

Danielle, Cofounder of The Everygirl & The Everymom


“This course is so near and dear to my heart because when I graduated from college I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with my money. I immediately racked up the credit card debt and with my monthly student loan payment, was just in an overall bad place. It was stressful and I felt so out of control. I consistency beat up on myself for getting into that position in the first place and it became a vicious cycle.”

Kelly, Online Course Director & Sr. Graphic Designer



We worked with CPA and Certified Financial Education Instructor, Erica Gellerman, to bring money novices accessible, non-judgmental finance advice on everything from setting your money values to dealing with debt to creating investment strategies to build your wealth. Erica believes you don’t have to choose between living a good life and being good with your money and we couldn’t agree more. With budgeting worksheets, guided videos, and detailed section notes for beginners, Finance 101 is your online crash course on everything you wish you were told about your money. 



How does the course work? 

Finance 101 is a guided online course you can work through completely at your own pace. We built the course to work around your life and schedule, so you can pick it up whenever you have time; whether that’s Tuesday nights with a glass of wine or Sunday mornings with an industrial vat of coffee or anywhere in between. 

The course is split into five separate modules that you will work through in order: 



The flow of the course is designed to build upon itself: the budgeting tips you’ll learn in Module 002 will carryover to the credit action steps in Module 004, etc. You’ll have a full year from the purchase date of the course to complete it, with extensions available upon request. 


“I need this course after I graduated college because it felt impossible to know if I was financially ready to live on my own or if I should keep saving and living at my parents. It’s a gray area that nobody talks about.”

Maddie, Copy Editor & Editorial Assistant


“Even with a budget, money would make me incredibly stressed. My mentality was that spending anything at all is a waste; that meant no Starbucks (except when I got the free drink on my birthday), ordering the cheapest glass of wine on the menu (even if I didn’t like it), and not buying new clothes for months (all the trends I missed!).

I have a certain amount of each paycheck put away for savings and investments and a budget for all my necessities (skincare included, of course), so why feel anxiety spending the rest on things that make me feel good like organic produce or a night out with friends? Bottom line: money is meant to make your life better, not worse.”

Josie, Fashion Features Manager & Associate Editor


“The biggest mistake I’ve made so far is not saving when I had a chance (i.e. in college or when I first started working). Everyone I know told me to focus on saving when I had the money to save because a time would come where saving would be hard … and they were so right, and of course, I didn’t listen. With student loans, credit cards, and just life expenses when you first start your career, having your finances figured out when you first start will be a blessing.”

Beth, Associate Editor & Copy Editor


What’s included in the course? 

Each of the five modules of the course is made up of guided videos where your course instructor, Erica, talks you through the section content, as well as detailed section notes and worksheets to fill in as you move through the course. 



Also included in the course is an invitation to our course specific Facebook group, where Erica will be popping in to offer advice and answer any questions you might have. You’ll also have a chance to connect with other course attendees as you’re working through the course.


“I wish I started looking at my account everyday sooner. I used to feel ill some months looking at my statement so I didn’t look as frequently as I should have been.

Checking at least once a day gives me a very clear picture of what money I actually have and where I’m spending the most, but it also makes it easier to catch issues, such as being charged for services that were cancelled or refunds not being credited back.”

Leigh, Jr. Graphic Designer



“I wish that I knew more about paying back my student loans after graduation. I was totally lost when my grace period ended and I had to choose a plan for paying the loans back, especially because I had two separate types of loans.” 

Jess, Editorial Intern


“When I first started making my own money, I was SO afraid of getting a credit card — I thought I’d abuse it and ruin my life! I wish I had taken the step to learn more, find a card that worked for me, and start building up my credit — much sooner than I did.”

Abigail, Social Media Editor & Internship Program Manager 



Last chance to claim your spot in our spring enrollment!

Our Finance 101 course spring session will be closing this Monday, March 16 at 11:59 pm CT. Be sure to claim your spot before then to start taking the course immediately. You can enroll through this link: 



After you purchase, you’ll have immediate access to the course and the ability to start learning right away. Remember, the course is completely self-paced, so you can move through it at a rate that works for you.




If you have any questions about Finance 101 or any of our other online courses, leave a comment here or reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!