Abigail Yonker

Former Social Media Editor
Abigail was the Social Media Editor at The Everygirl from 2018 to 2021, though she began her career at The Everygirl as an editorial intern in 2017. She proudly spent over three years conceptualizing, creating, and implementing social media content across The Everygirl’s channels, specifically focusing on Instagram. During this time, she added nearly 500,000 new followers to The Everygirl’s Instagram readership, and is thrilled to have worked on high-traffic campaigns with incredible brands such as La Marca Prosecco, Sephora, and Nordstrom.
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Education: Texas Christian University
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Though Abigail’s passions range across all forms of digital media, her greatest strength lies in building an online community through digital storytelling on social media. In addition to leading the team to its goal of one million followers, she also spearheaded the implementation of short-form video content on The Everygirl’s Instagram account. Abigail’s passion for pop culture, combined with her ease on camera and in front of others, led her to create some of The Everygirl’s most viral video content.

During her time at The Everygirl, Abigail also developed various cross-channel campaigns and collaborations—including (but not limited to) live coverage of national events, interviews with prolific women across industries, and partnerships with some of the most famous brands in the world. Abigail is proud to have developed new ways to bring brands’ stories to life.


After beginning as an editorial intern and working her way up to the role of Social Media Editor at The Everygirl, Abigail’s career has been built upon utilizing written and visual communication to inspire, uplift, and bring people together. With an Instagram posting schedule of 35 posts per week, Abigail conceptualized and created thousands of pieces of original content (including photos, videos, graphics, articles, and more) over her three and a half years in the role, and consistently learned and developed new ways to tell stories on the screen. Abigail’s ability to pivot between channels, platforms, and media has been key to The Everygirl’s growth, while her passion for both responding to the online community and also sharing the stories of real women is what has made The Everygirl’s Instagram a safe place for nearly 1.2 million followers.

Fun Stuff

When she’s not working, Abigail is obsessing over the six men in her life: her nephew, plus all five members of One Direction. Abigail loves Tex-Mex, rewatching the same three TV shows over and over, and telling anyone who will listen that she once saw Eddie Redmayne at the gym.

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