Kelly Etz

Former Online Course Director and Senior Graphic Designer
Kelly is a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience. She has produced and taught our online course offerings, including our best-selling Essential Photoshop course. She specializes in hand-lettering, typography, and layout design for The Everygirl’s site, social media, and brand experience.
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Education: University of Michigan
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Kelly has had a hand in creating and refining the visual look of The Everygirl’s site, social media, and brand experience since she joined the team in 2017. She has worked in many different areas of the brand—from email marketing to editing and writing on the site to designing in-person and online event collateral. She directed the launch of The Everygirl’s online course platform in 2018 and is an expert in production, design, video editing, online education, and marketing.


A graphic designer, writer, and online educator with over 10 years of experience, Kelly has helped guide the visual identity of The Everygirl Media Group. Her custom hand-lettering has appeared on multiple collaborations including The Everygirl x Day Designer and The Everygirl x Minnidip. In early 2017, she launched our popular tech backgrounds, which are released monthly with custom designs.

A branding expert, Kelly is well versed in the full Adobe suite as well as website design and development, packaging design, and user interface design. She runs her own design studio, K*Etz Design, full-time as well as a print shop, The Babe Shop, focusing on custom portraits, prints, and illustrations. Kelly primarily works with small businesses to create thoughtful and intentional brands and websites. Her clients have included style journalist Elizabeth Holmes, canned tequila soda brand Tecoda, and baker Nicole Storey.

Fun Stuff

A (kind of obsessive) reader, Kelly spends a good 60 percent of her time on Goodreads and reads everything from YA to fantasy to crime fiction. She drinks coffee like it’s going out of style, spends way too much money on fancy shampoo, and always gets her best work done after 1 a.m. She has seen every late 2000s sitcom and drama that aired on the WB and can quote the entirety of the movie Clueless (though no one has ever asked).

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Meet Kelly Etz: The Everygirl's Online Course Director & Senior Graphic Designer

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