6 Valentine’s Day Outfits for Every Occasion—No Soulmate Necessary


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Non-Cheesy Valentine's Day Outfits"
Non-Cheesy Valentine's Day Outfits
Source: Gabriele Gzimailaite
Source: Gabriele Gzimailaite

Feb. 14 comes with a lot of stressors—booking your friends enough in advance, waiting to see if the Hinge match you’ve gone on two dates with is going to lock down your night—but of the many, your Valentine’s Day outfit shouldn’t be one of them.

It’s no ordinary day, and you probably want to take a step up from your average Saturday night go-tos—even if you’re just having a movie night with your friends. If you’re going on a date, you want to look a little sexier than usual; if you’re uncorking bottles of wine with friends, leaning into the red-and-pink vibes and away from your usual groufit can make the night feel a whole lot more festive.

With touches of pink and red and a quintessential heart here and there, we’ve styled outfits for every possible Valentine’s Day scenario, from a fancy night out with your long-term S.O. to a nerve-racking date with someone new (good luck!). Spend time stressing about how much chocolate you’re going to eat, not scrambling to find a last-minute look.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration For Every Occasion

For a Galentine’s celebration at a trendy new restaurant

tights | dress (plus) | shoes | earrings | bag

If you and your friend are heading out to the cool new place in town, it’s time to bring out accessories that’ll make you stand out. A pair of trendy, red tights are made for a Galentine’s out with friends, especially when paired with silver heels that will pop against the romantic hue. A finishing touch of subtle, silver heart earrings will remind your friends just how much you love them all night long.

For a Valentine’s weekend brunch

tee | cardigan (plus) | jeans (plus) | belt | flats | bag

Heading out for unlimited mimosas and bloodies? That calls for a cool take on Valentine’s Day, complete with studded details, pops of red, and a cheeky baby tee that gives a nod to the holiday without being too on the nose.

For a fancy dinner date

dress (budget-friendly option) | heels | bag | bracelet

One of the greatest joys of Valentine’s Day is the quintessential dinner date with your beau. Whether your date is one you’ve been with for years or one you’re just getting to know, a sexy dress, heels, and statement bag are a combo both you and your partner will love. The light shade of pink of this dress is delightfully festive, and manages to juxtapose the sexier details with a bit of femininity.

For a date night at home

sweatshirt | tee | shorts (plus)| slippers | socks

Staying with your S.O. on Valentine’s Day is a peak rom-com moment. The best ensemble for cooking, mixing up cocktails, and watching a movie at home? One that looks like Natalie Portman on the No Strings Attached movie poster. A pair of boxer shorts gives an “I’m the protagonist in my favorite on-screen romance” in a sexy, effortless way, which is exactly what you want for your V-Day in.

For a casual date

sweater (plus) | jeans (plus) | flats | necklace | bag

Valentine’s plans don’t need to be fancy—some of the very best dates are the ones spent at a favorite pizza place where empty cans of beer are all that’s left on the table when you head out. Make your go-to denim feel a little more special with a sexy sweater—yes, you heard that right—with an off-the-shoulder silhouette. Of course, bonus points if it’s red. Swap out your go-to sneakers for a pair of ballet flats, and you’ve got a Valentine’s-worthy look for your casual night out.

For a night in with friends

sweatshirt | pants (plus) | heart glass | slippers

Valentine’s Day is for the girls, and if you’re spending the holiday having a wine or cocktail night with friends, take it as a sign to go all-in on your look. A cheeky sweatshirt, girly pajama pants, and festive accessories will make the night better than any dinner date you could have been on. Cheers to girlhood!