Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore"
Rory and Lorelai Gilmore
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

For those of us who grew up alongside Rory and dreamed of living a simple life in Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls is more than just a TV show. It’s the perfect self-care companion during a relaxing night at home, a comfort when we’re feeling down, and a way to reminisce about our childhoods. Although the show came to an official close with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in 2016, I’ll be revisiting Stars Hollow for as long as the show is available to stream (consider that a warning, Netflix).

As with any TV show I love, I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit wondering about the zodiac signs of the characters in the Gilmore Girls-verse. What makes Jess so secretive and Lorelai so talkative (seriously, at times it just feels like we’re listening to a never-ending stream of her consciousness)? Luckily for you, I’ve been analyzing this for years and you don’t have to wonder any longer. Continue on to find out which Gilmore Girls character you are based on your zodiac sign.


Richard Gilmore

Few characters are as ambitious and straightforward as Richard Gilmore, Lorelai’s wealthy and successful father. Like Richard, Aries always say what’s on their mind and don’t see the point in beating around the bush. After all, why give vague signs when you can just get straight to the truth? Aries can also be driven to a fault, like when Mr. Gilmore ends up in the hospital from stress and then can’t sit still once he’s home.


Luke Danes

Thriving in the comfort of his diner, which is also his home, Luke Danes embodies the Taurean love for comfort, stability, and delicious food. While he tends to avoid big changes, he’s great at building a comfortable and stable life for the ones he loves. Looking past his pessimism, we see a man who values simplicity in life. Plus, it truly takes a Taurean type of dedication to comfort to wear nearly the same outfit every day through all seasons of the show.


Christopher Hayden

Because of his absence from Rory’s life and his constantly wanting to be with Lorelai but never showing up for her, Christopher is often one of the least-liked characters on the show. But, hear me out–I believe he’s really just a misunderstood Gemini. Like a Gemini, he thrives on having as many different experiences in life as possible to learn and grow. It’s difficult for Geminis to sit still when there’s so much to see out in the world. Plus, to be fair, he does end up learning and growing from his life experiences, changing from an all-but-absent father to a single dad.


Sookie St. James

Although she doesn’t go on to become pregnant with her own child until Season 3, Sookie acts like a second mother to Rory (and even to Lorelai at times) from the very beginning. In typical Cancer fashion, she has a tendency to sacrifice everything for those she loves and to put others’ needs before her own. Cancers do everything from a place of love and wanting to help those around them live their best lives.


Miss Patty

Few characters showcase the Leo traits of self-expression, creativity, and performance as well as Miss Patty–she truly puts the “Star” in Stars Hollow. Not only does she make a statement wherever she goes, but she’s constantly channeling her creative energy into various performances and works of art. Like a true Leo, we often see her spicy side come out, especially when she’s dealing with Kirk (who just has a way of bringing that out in people).


Rory Gilmore

Like Virgos, Rory has a certain innocence about her but is also practical and grounded. From choosing which school to attend to deciding between Dean, Jess, or Logan throughout the series, she thinks long and hard about her decisions. Her emotions play a role, but she’s primarily guided by logic (like when she’s unable to return Dean’s “I love you” on their three-month anniversary). In Rory, we also see the typical Virgo trait of not settling, especially when she turns down Logan’s proposal rather than pursue a more certain future with him.


Lorelai Gilmore

A social butterfly with the gift of the gab, it’s nearly impossible to think of a more Libra-esque character than Lorelai Gilmore. Even when her opinions are strong or she lets her emotions get the best of her, she can still get along with nearly anyone in Stars Hollow. Whether it’s dealing with guest issues at the inn, trying to get Mrs. Kim on board with Rory and Lane’s plans, or flirting with Rory’s handsome new teacher, she’s a natural when it comes to communication and building social bridges.


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Jess Mariano

With major ‘bad boy’ vibes (every show needs one, right?), Jess is the Scorpio of Stars Hollow. Viewers might be amazed at how he disappears from the scene and then reappears later having written a full novel, but Scorpios can admire his need for privacy and alone time to reach his goals. Like Scorpios, Jess has a different, more sensitive side that he reveals to Rory once he gets to know her and can trust her.


April Nardini

Often forgotten about in the grand scheme of the Gilmore Girls-verse, April goes from being a nerdy science-lover to an exploring Sagittarius as she gets older. During her brief appearance in the Summer episode of the revival, April visits after graduating from MIT. She has a nose ring and talks about her plans to canvass for marijuana legalization as well as her love of philosophy. She’s on the Sagittarius path of going off to explore, expand her mind, and find a deeper meaning in life.


Paris Geller

With a focus on her goals and, well, not much else, Paris Geller brings Capricorn energy everywhere she goes, whether it’s Yale or Stars Hollow. Like these devoted goats, she sticks to her goals and isn’t afraid to make sacrifices, like when she tries to break up with Doyle to keep her head clear about her options after graduation (luckily Doyle wasn’t having it–he’s likely another Cancer).


Lane Kim

Whether it’s hiding her rock n’ roll albums in the floorboards or continuing to play in a band against her mother’s wishes (and even after she has her twins), Lane carves her own path from the beginning. Like Lane, Aquarians are known for going against the grain and living life on their own terms. They’re also able to branch out and expand their social circles easily–as we can see when Lane gets cozy with her bandmates, and even marries Zack, while still remaining close to her old friends.


Dean Forester

There will always be a divide between Team Jess and Team Dean, but what Dean lacks in mystery he makes up for in sensitivity and kindness. Just as Pisces can tap into a sense of universal consciousness, Dean has the ability to (mostly) understand where others are coming from and take their feelings into consideration. However, his own strong feelings can cause him to get ahead of himself from time to time, like when he ends up scaring Rory off after buying her a car and confessing his love for her.