This Timeless Pattern Is the It-Print of the Year and These 10 Pieces Prove It

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Oh, sweet summertime: We’re so happy to have you back. After what feels like years of before-dinner sunsets, gloomy days, and chilly evenings, the sun is (finally) shining, the tank is clean, and we don’t have to don our parkas on our morning walks to Starbucks. And to commemorate the changing of seasons, we’re diving head first into all of the novelties that summer has to offer.

If there’s one tried-and-true print that absolutely screams summer, it’s gingham. And if you thought that its moment came and went when Dorothy rocked it on the Yellow Brick Road circa 1939, you’re sadly mistaken. This centuries-old pattern is the epitome of timeless yet on-trend, and it’s one that we’re tapping on to help us celebrate seamlessly from our wardrobes to our homes and beyond. Gingham is the enduring it-print of the year, and these 10 items prove it:



Slip-On Platform Sneaker

We love an on-trend piece that's as timeless as it is functional, and these gingham Seavees sneakers are the moment. Their contoured, cushioned footbed makes them the perfect accessory for all of your summertime shenanigans, plus their exclusive cooling system will help you to beat the heat all season long.

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Pottery Barn

Throw Pillow Cover

If there's one way to upgrade your home decor for a season without breaking the bank, it's swapping out your pillow covers. This throw pillow cover from Pottery Barn is high quality yet affordable and serves as an ideal way to tap into summer without having to turn your home upside-down or inside-out to achieve a whole new vibe.

Vitamin A

Midi Dress

Wizard of Oz but make it 2022. I'm just going to say it: Everyone needs this midi dress from vitamin A in their fashion arsenal. Perfect for a city brunch and beach dinner alike, this airy silhouette will help you approach all of your summer activities with style.


Ceramic Stoneware Mug

For your morning coffee or your Sleepytime tea, you absolutely need this ceramic stoneware mug in your life. This one is dainty yet sturdy and will help to bring a little bit of color and life to your WFH setup. I have a theory in life that there's no such thing as "too many mugs", so I'll be adding this one to my collection STAT.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Knit Halter Tank

If you're looking for THE perfect summer outfit formula, look no further than this gingham halter tank, some white-washed denim, and a pair of chunky sandals. This knit halter can be dressed up or down, is the perfect summer staple, and is as comfortable as it is cute. A&F, you've done it again, and I can't say that I'm surprised.

Serena & Lily

Handwoven Rug

Besides my age, there’s one telltale sign that gives away the fact that I’m an adult (and no, it's not my newfound can't-be-out-past-nine mentality). I decided that I was officially an adult when I started getting jazzed about rugs—and this gingham one from Serena & Lily is making me feel things. If your vibe is neutral but you're still looking to add a bit of character to a space, look no further than this handwoven rug that I'll be thinking about until the end of time.


Cotton Shopper Bag

For a Trader Joe's run, a trip to the beach, and everything in between, this cotton shopper bag from Mango is large enough to fit all of your summer essentials (i.e. sunscreen, sunglasses, your emotional support water bottle, and even a small child). It's the perfect way to add a bit of personality and texture to an otherwise neutral outfit and is a foolproof add to up the summer factor of any fit.

Pottery Barn

Cotton Sheet Set

If you ask me, the epitome of country chic is a set of gingham sheets paired with a fluffy, white comforter, and I will die on that hill. Whether or not you agree with my assessment, I think that we can all concur: These sheets from Pottery Barn are the move. If you're looking to seasonally refresh your bedroom with ease, look no further: This set has your back.


3-Pack Claw Clips

One thing about me? I'm always going to complain. So, though I've been hoping and wishing for warmer temps for the last 10 months, I won't endure a 97 degree day without muttering, "it's too damn hot" on at least 32 separate occasions. And because of my heat intolerance, I'll always have a claw clip in my bag to keep my hair from sticking to my neck. These ones are the perfect summer swap for my usual, neutral ones which makes them an obvious "add to cart" situation.

Ever Lasting

Pastel Bedding Set

I have a feeling that if I had this bedding in my life, all of my problems would be solved. This comforter is a delicate, fluffy daydream, and, if there's one thing I've picked up from my mother after 18 years under her roof, it's the idea that you should have a winter bedspread and a summer one. I haven't yet pulled the trigger on a summer one (don't tell my mom), but this one is a strong contender.


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