The Gossip Girl Reboot Is a Fashion Lover’s Paradise—Here’s How to Recreate the Best Looks


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Source: @gossipgirl
Source: @gossipgirl

Back in 2007, when the original Gossip Girl first graced our screens and we all became imaginary Upper East Siders every week, we were all smitten by three things: Serena, Blair, and what they were wearing.

Sure, runways and designers and editors are often the catalyst for what everyone’s wearing each season, but sometimes, a pop culture phenomena sneaks its way in and dictates trends just as much—and there never was a better example of that than in Gossip Girl. After years of nostalgically rewatching the show that made us all wear headbands and debate whether or not we should throw a tie on, Gossip Girl is back, and in addition to the pure joy of Kristen Bell—ahem, Gossip Girl’s—voice ringing through our ears again, it’s giving us a brand new, hefty dose of style inspiration for 2021.

We can’t all attend Constance, but we can all get ahead of the trends by taking a cue from our new A-team, and luckily, they haven’t had a single style miss yet. Ready to replicate the best of Julien, Zoya, and Monet? We’ve got you covered—and this time around, there’s not a headband in sight.


Source: HBO Max

The most iconic look of the season thus far? Julien’s debut of the Met steps (and probably looking better than the art inside it). Looking preppy and effortless at the same time usually doesn’t happen, but it sure does here. 

toptop (budget) / earringsbag / bike shortsboots



Source: HBO Max

Contrary to Julien’s effortless prep, Luna is serving us with a look that’s as preppy as can be and is showing that a matching set can seldom go wrong—especially when it’s made of tweed and topped off with modern Mary Janes.

tweed jacketblazer set (plus-size) / necklacetanktank (plus-size) / shortsheels



Source: HBO Max

If this look didn’t make your jaw drop to the floor while you were watching episode one, you just weren’t paying enough attention. This color-blocking-done-right, orange-and-pink ensemble is making us want to ditch a dress for our next formal event and opt for this instead.

toptop (plus-size) / earringspantspants (plus-size) / heels


Source: HBO Max

If this doesn’t make you want to pick up plaid pants for this fall, I’m not sure what will. Paired with heeled boots, a plain tank, and a high pony, it’s wear-ably preppy in all the right ways.

tanktank (plus-size) / pantspants (plus-size) / bag / braceletboots 


Source: HBO Max

It’s been a minute since we’ve reached for our bomber jackets, but this is making an argument for them coming back into our lives in 2021. This look makes the bomber jacket modern by pairing it with a shirt dress, baguette bag, and topping it off with a pair of chunky boots. If there ever were a perfect transitional look, this is it.

shirt dressshirt dress (plus-size) /  bomber jacket / bomber jacket (plus-size) / bagboots


Source: HBO Max

We love a black blazer moment, especially when it’s made a bit edgy, like with Zoya’s look is here. With a slicked-back pony, silver accessories, and white sneakers, the blazer is less formal and more New-York-cool-girl.

tanktank (plus-size) / hoops / blazerblazer (plus-size) / trouserstrousers (plus-size) / sneakers


Source: HBO Max

This is one of the more understated looks from episode one but one worth noting nonetheless. While two-thirds of Julien’s posse is generally seen opting for a blazer, Monet’s look here shows that denim jackets can still work in 2021 if they’re styled right. The key? Playing with a bit of color and a trendy boot.

jacketjacket (plus-size) / bagskirtskirt (plus-size) / tank / tank (plus-size) boots


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