10 Ways to Style Your Favorite Graphic Tee

I’ve collected quite a surplus of shirts over the years in an effort to find my personal style. My closet is busting at the seams with blouses, crop tops, button-downs, and tanks, but my all-time favorite is my Budweiser graphic tee that I copped from Urban Outfitters last year. 

Time and time again, I reach for that tee more than anything else in my wardrobe. Backyard barbeque with friends (pre-social distancing)? Budweiser tee. Hitting up Old Town bars in Chicago on a Friday night? Budweiser tee. Casual trip to the grocery store? Budweiser tee. Bedtime? Bud-why-sir tee. I think you get the point. My friends laugh at me for how much I wear it, but my love for this particular piece is so strong that I simply don’t care. “There’s the shirt again,” they snicker. Whatever, y’all. I’m a one-hit-wonder and I’m proud.

I’ve never met a graphic tee I didn’t like, and I particularly love that they are so versatile. Whether you want to thrift your own, dig up your mother’s vintage band tee, or buy it fresh, there’s a graphic tee out there for you. Styling graphic tees to achieve a cool-girl vibe is my true dream job (a self-proclaimed gift), and here are my favorite ways to wear them:


1. Faux-cropped with mom jeans

Now, I say *faux* crop because, in my experience, I have to be in a particular mood to wear a crop top. Unless you buy a graphic tee with a cropped fit, the best way to achieve the look without pulling out shears and risking an asymmetrical, crooked hem and a permanent change is to either tie it up or tuck the hem into your bra like this. Rock your newly-cropped top with a pair of high-waisted mom jeans, sneakers, and layered jewelry and voilà, you have a new favorite go-to look for spring and summer. 



2. Structured with a blazer

Source: @runwaychef

Wearing a fitted or oversized blazer over a graphic tee is my version of business meets pleasure and is a great way to give a slouchy tee some structure. Maddie, our associate and copy editor, rocked this look in our office this winter, and truly, I’m still thinking about it. If you want a look that says “I get shit done but also know how to have a good time,” this outfit was made for you.



3. Tucked in with a flare pant

Tucking a graphic tee into denim pants or chino trousers is so fashion-forward and a look that I am currently drooling over. It’s not a uniform I have ever braved before but I think it just might be my new front-runner. Pair with your favorite bag and pointed-toe heels and *swoon.* It’s a bold and beautiful mix that I’ll definitely be rocking all spring long.



4. Tucked in or tied at the waist with distressed shorts

Source: @hillaurenn

This look is so easy to put together and is one of my favorite outfit recipes for warmer temps. Grab your go-to pair of distressed jeans and pair it with your favorite graphic tee for a classically cool look you’ll rock again and again.



5. Under a power suit

Source: @theyusufs

Calling all boss babes! This graphic tee + power suit pairing has your name written all over it. Graphic tees pair really well with an oversized, monochrome suit and help to bring a playful vibe to a traditionally powerful look.



6. Paired with a delicate skirt

Source: @raeannlangas

Tucking your graphic tee into a flowy, long-lined skirt makes me feel like I’m living out all of my beachy California dreams and is a fun way to bring a more feminine vibe to a grungy T-shirt. If you haven’t yet considered this beautiful mix of girly meets edgy, it’s a sure and effortless way to up your summer fashion game.



7. Kept casual with a denim jacket

This daytime-to-evening look is one of the easiest to pull off and is about to be the outfit pairing you wear again and again. Coupling a slouchy denim jacket with a loose-fitting graphic tee and fitted jeans says “I’m on a coffee run but I’m also ready to run into Harry Styles on the street and make a move.” If you want to dress it up a bit, add gold hoops and your favorite heels and boom. Fashion.



8. Sized up with bike shorts

This is simply one of the comfiest outfit combinations and a look that I’m obsessed with. This combo screams “cool-girl vibes” to me and I am seeing it all over my IG feed as warmer weather approaches. It’s a perfect take on the usual “look trendy without trying” grocery store look and is perfect for a day of errands where you want to look cute with minimal effort.



9. Glammed up with a tailored pant

Source: @pamarias

Are you kidding me with this absolutely unexpected, glamorous outfit combination? Tuck a graphic tee into a pair of tailored power pants for the chic surprise you didn’t think to rock before. Paired with pointed-toe heels, a belt, chic jewelry, and a red lip? Sign me up for this fabulousness.



10. Dressed up with leather

Source: @byancaellul

If I’m hitting a night on the town with my girls, you already know I’m pairing my graphic tee with either a leather jacket or a leather skirt. Having this outfit formula on hand takes the guesswork out of the all-dreaded “WTF am I going to wear tonight” dilemma. It’s the perfect way to dress up an otherwise casual tee and looks so. damn. cool.