This ’90s Hair Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere

When I hear the word “barrette,” my mind inevitably goes to teeny tiny butterfly clips that I used to line up in my hair like a flock of geese flying through the sky. They were various colors, sparkly, and held back my extra-thick, swooping side bangs just perfectly.

When I heard that barrettes were back in style, my mind flashed back to the trauma that was the scenario described above, and I immediately wrote it off as something that other people could get on board with, but that I myself would not subject myself to.

To absolutely everyone’s benefit, the hair accessories that are in style aren’t the ones we were in middle school (although you can buy a set at Urban Outfitters right now, which I’m neither addressing nor thinking about). They can do the same magic of helping us out on a bad hair day or holding our face-framing pieces back on a hot summer day — but they’re all grown up, and are ready to be worn everywhere from the office to date night. Give your flat iron some TLC and take advantage of the easiest trend of the summer.