Hairstyles to Rock When It’s Hot AF Out

In a perfect world, on a humid summer morning, I’d roll out of bed with soft, tousled, beachy waves and would make my way to work with my locks perfectly intact, smooth, and luscious. In reality, 10 seconds after I step outside every morning, no matter if I curled or straightened my hair, it ends up in the same disheveled, frizzy, half-wave mess.

When the temperature is high (and the humidity is even higher), the last thing anyone wants is their hair sticking to the back of their neck, or worse, putting effort in in the morning to have it all go to waste before 9 am. (And is there anything worse than blow-drying your hair when it’s 100 degrees out?).

The good news is that there are plenty of hairstyles that can be accomplished without heat tools or a ton of effort in the mornings. The better news is that hair accessories are as in as ever, and you can use them all summer long to tame your mane in the chicest way possible. Put the curling iron down and try out these easy, heat-free hairstyles this summer.




1. Tie it back with a scrunchie



Scrunchies aren’t just for ’80s-themed parties or tossing your hair up while you clean the house anymore. In all the colors, patterns, and textures under the sun, there’s a scrunchie that can compliment any outfit the summer brings.

2. Keep cool with a headband



Headbands are the perfect lazy-girl accessory. Didn’t have time to shower? Headband. Trying to dress up a ponytail or bun? Headband. Want to distract everyone from your frizzy, humidity-stricken hair? Headband. Opt for a hard version, or tie a silk scarf around your head for a sweat-proof look to take you through summer.

Utilize clips



When it’s muggy out, the last thing you want is for your hair to be falling in your face. Use them to hold it back, or accessorize your un-done look with clips to make it look like you put a little more effort in than you did (we won’t tell).



When you’re going blow-dryer-free, there are products that are meant for taming hair as it air-drys. Skip the heat and give your hair natural texture and shine with the help of these:



Top Knot

Keep your hair out of your face and off your neck with a chic, maintenance top knot. It’s the quickest way to look put-together with the least amount of effort. Bonus: you can head to your important Monday meeting with one and nobody will think anything of it.



Sleek, low bun

From The Everymom’s Social Media Editor, Jessie: “Somewhere between low block heels replacing stilettos and mom jeans making a comeback, our grandma’s low bun became cool again, and we’re not mad about it. This style is so easy that it can be used as a go-to, or a last resort if you’re hair just won’t cooperate. We love this style for showing off a good pair of statement earrings.”



Low messy bun

When you need a maintenance look for going out, a low, messy bun looks romantic and un-done in a purposeful way. Pull a few face-framing pieces out and hit them with your curling iron to give it an extra oomph.



Heatless waves

When you need to have your hair down but still can’t manage turning on your curling iron, there are heatless ways to achieve a similar look while still being able to press the snooze button in the morning.



 Slicked-back ponytail

From The Everymom’s Social Media Editor, Jessie: “Fly-aways, baby hairs, edges, whatever you call them — the hair along our hairline always seems to be an issue for so many of us in the summer months. A slicked-back pony is the perfect way to look put-together and stylish at the same time. Plus, with the right products, it will stay put, and you can say goodbye to worrying about upkeep throughout the day.”



Tell us your favorite summer hairstyles in the comments!