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10 Healthy Habits Everyone Who Sits at a Desk All Day Should Have


So you love your job, or like many, maybe you’re just enduring it. But you also love your body and want to take care of your health! Shouldn’t be too hard, right? If you’re someone like me whose day-to-day income requires sitting at a desk all day, keeping your health in tip-top shape can be very difficult. You have such dreams to be like the health goddesses you see on your Instagram feed, but your desk seems to keep you pulled down in your old habits. Like anything else, it may not be easy at first to implement these new healthy habits, but with some discipline, you’ll be able to see the benefits of taking care of your health first. 


1. Force yourself to take a recess

Kids in elementary school aren’t the only ones who need a brain break every once in a while. When you’re feeling stuck with the project you’re working on, or you can feel your body is starting to tense up, take a few minutes for a brisk walk outside or do some mini exercises by your desk. These tiny breaks throughout the day will not only help your brain recharge and offer further focus and creativity on what you’re working on, but it will also give your body the chance to move towards new fitness goals, according to Psychology Today.


2. Invest in helpful tools

In this age of technology, there is a plethora of tools and supplies that can benefit your daily health journey. Health tracking watches like FitBit or Apple Watch can keep track of your health goals and even give you reminders to get up and move. There are also apps available specifically geared to whatever your mental or physical health goals may be.



3. Don’t avoid the stairs

Take the path less traveled! If you are able to reach your office by stairs rather than elevator, get the extra steps in and heart pumping. This is also a perfect opportunity to refocus your mind for the day. 


4. Drink more water

We all know we should be drinking more water. But when sitting at a desk all day, it is especially important. Drinking enough water can also help your overall health, including warding off sickness, aiding with digestion, and meeting new physical performance goals, according to Healthline.


5. Make conscious activity choices

Do you have some filing to do? Use this as an opportunity to stand at your cabinet, rather than roll your chair over to continue seating. Could your office accommodate a standing desk? This can definitely help to add variety to your normal sitting schedule. 



6. Fuel yourself with superfoods

Of course, you have those afternoons in the middle of a long day at the office that you just want to raid the vending machine and get that sweet or salty treat to help you push through the day. Start becoming more familiar with healthy foods that you enjoy and could be the perfect pick-me-up supplement. 


7. Practice your posture

Take some time to focus on how your back and head can be affected by working at a computer all day. Making minor adjustments each day can lead to overall better posture and support for your working body. You can see here how these tiny exercises could make a huge difference down the line. 


8. Utilize your coworkers for accountability

There is power in numbers! Get your closest office pals involved in your new goals. Together, you can take mini movement breaks and keep around nourishing snacks in lieu of the infamous donut spread. Maybe there is a workout class that meets right after work you could head to together. Consider having weekly check ins and celebrate the good things you are doing for your body. 



9. Pack your lunch

Though it may be hard to resist going out on your lunch break with your coworkers every day, you’ll start noticing a difference in your diet and your wallet by packing your food ahead of time. According to HuffPost Australia, packing your lunch can help provide you with the proper source of energy to make it through the day and reduce the intake of saturated fat, salt, and sugar. Keep your meals delicious and fueling. You can pocket the extra lunch money for something else you will enjoy.


10. Fit it in when you can

Try a few different schedules to see where workouts can fit best in your day. Are you an early bird or more of a late-night athlete? Do you do better making all of your meals for the week on Sundays or is it more therapeutic and beneficial to make a meal every night after work? Your routine and schedule is yours and yours alone, find what works best for you!