The Best Holiday Decor You Can Get on Amazon

There’s something about the holiday season that feels so unbelievably magical. Between the burning aroma of my go-to seasonal balsam candle, the twinkle of string-lit trees lining the streets of Michigan Ave., and the sound of Spotify’s Christmas pop playlist on repeat in the office, there’s no doubt that the holidays have arrived, and I am here for it. But if you took two steps into my apartment and did a quick 360° turn, you’d think otherwise.

Between my lack of funds and the temporary nature of the holiday season, I haven’t put very much thought or effort into jazzing up my space for the holidays. That is, until I started thinking back on my fondest holiday memories, all of which happened while growing up in my childhood home. Snuggling up next to the tree while watching Home Alone 3, hearing the crisp glide of scissors through snowflake-printed wrapping paper, sporting matching Christmas jammies with my sibs, and sharing laughs over a botched batch of holiday-themed cookies all took place in the cozy space that my mom pridefully decorated to foster our favorite November and December traditions. Over the years, the items that she had in her seasonal starting lineup became more than just transitional knick-knacks. When she brought our Christmas stockings out of storage, I reminisced on the cheer of Christmases past and gleefully prepped myself for the holiday festivities ahead.

I found a small space in my tight budget and did what I do best: opened Amazon and poured myself a hefty glass of wine. I’ve searched far and wide for a collection of seasonal furnishings that fit my price range in the pursuit to create a space to house all of my now and beyond holiday memories. Join me in making your space extra cozy without sacrificing your cash flow this holiday season by shopping the best holiday decor finds on Amazon below!