The Home Workout Equipment You Can Snag on Amazon

For a long time, there was a notion that you had to spend hours at the gym, lighting heavy weights, and using intimidating machinery to actually get a hard and fulfilling workout in. You know the feeling when you want to use a machine, but don’t know how, so you decide to pass rather than look ridiculous? Yeah, same.

As much as I am a fan of working out and being active, the list of things I would rather do than actually go to the gym is pretty lengthy, and even includes deep-cleaning every bathroom in my house (brother’s bathroom not included). It can be a hassle trying to plan your day around finding the time to actually drive to the gym for a workout, and on top of that, you have to pray that it’s not too crowded in the morning before work — and it usually is. Then there’s waiting in line for the stair master when you could’ve been done with your workout 30 minutes ago if everyone didn’t seem to be taking their sweet time getting their glutes all nice and tight (OK, I guess I can’t really blame them for that). And do we even have to get into the uber-macho gym buffs that act like they own the place? I’d rather not.

OK, the gym isn’t actually all that bad. There’s access to an overwhelming amount of machines that definitely wouldn’t fit in your apartment, you get to show off that cute pair of leggings, and being around others who are also working out can be motivating. If you love the gym, that’s cool; if it isn’t for you, that’s fine too. Luckily, there are other ways to get an effective workout in — even from your own home. 

Instagram has now been my favorite place to find great workouts that only require your body weight or a few simple equipment pieces. At your fingertips, you have access to countless motivational fitness accounts with workout videos, healthy recipes, and wellness tips. It’s like having the benefits of a personal trainer but without the cost or having to leave your living room! (You can find some of my favorites here.) 

Today, we are sharing our favorite workout equipment for an effective at-home workout (even with only a few of these pieces) — all from Amazon. So next time you want a great workout, all you’ll have to do is grab your new booty bands, turn on your favorite workout video, move the coffee table to the side, and you’re ready to go!



All-Purpose Yoga Mat

Of course your at-home workout can be done without a mat, but they’re nice to lay down for a little extra cushion, especially if you have hard floors! They’re great to protect your joints during low-impact workouts. This one is also slip- and moisture-resistant, and can be rolled up with a strap for easy storage. This can be used for all your at-home workouts — not just yoga!


Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance bands look harmless, but can add a ton of extra intensity to any of your workout moves. The more you stretch the band, the more tension you resist with each move. They’re great for strength training and stretching to create long, lean lines in the body. If you have a smaller apartment and don’t want to keep too many pieces around, these are definitely for you. This pack comes with five levels of resistance, making them ideal for wherever you are in your fitness journey. Try glute bridges, donkey kicks, and squats to lateral leg lifts with these!


Bosu Ball

A bosu ball is great for training your core, because being on an unstable surface while doing simple exercise moves requires the rest of the body to become engaged in order to stay balanced. You can just stand on it and do bicep curls and shoulder presses, or you can use it more actively for squats and pushups. No matter what workout you decide to use it for (leg exercises, upper body, or cardio) you’ll be getting the ultimate core workout in to stabilize. These do require a little more space, so be sure you have the space to store it!


Dumbbell Weights

Dumbbells don’t need much explanation — they’re used to gain lean muscle mass in an isolated area with a lighter weight and more repetitions. Though they are mostly used for biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and chest, they can also be used to add extra weight while doing squats and glute bridges.


Aerobic Exercise Jump Ropes

You’re going to need a little extra room if you decide to incorporate jump ropes into your workout. It’s a great cardio alternative to running that also boosts fat burning and increases muscle engagement. Also, it adds some fun back into working out!


Bender Ball

I started using bender balls in my pilates classes, and now incorporate them into my everyday workouts for the increased range of motion in core exercises. They help for a more effective workout than just doing ordinary crunches.


Ankle Weights

These are another great way to add strength training into your workout. Using ankle weights will help to tone and shape your legs and glutes by adding resistance to low-impact exercises and intensifying movements. They’re specifically great for lower-body and core workouts. Once I started using these, I couldn't stop.


Foam Roller

Foam rollers can be used to warm up before your workout, or cool down after. They’re great for stretching to relieve muscle pain and soreness. You’ll never forget to stretch after your workout again with one of these!



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