How to Stop Your Ripped Jeans From Ripping Even More

Who here has felt victimized by their grandma when she looked at your new pair of distressed denim jeans and said, “you paid money for those holes?”

Well, yes Grandma, we did. We LOVE ripped jeans and are gonna keep wearing them (ha!). They’re really in style, everyone is wearing them, and they’re a great addition to our wardrobes. But what if your jeans just keep ripping? Sometimes the perfectly cut holes in your pants just, well, keep growing… Soon it looks like your wearing shorts with an ankle-strap, rather than the trend-setting pants you bought in the first place.


This hack from Refinery 29 is sure to keep your rips in-tact. Use a flat iron to attach iron-on denim patches to the inside of your jeans where the rips are! Jeans rip from side-to-side, so if you stick on these patches on the left and right of your rip, they should stop tearing when you put them in the wash.

It’s that simple! Try this out to keep your ripped jeans looking as *imperfect* as you love them!






This article originally appeared on SheFinds on July 4, 2017.

  • Katie McLain

    Or secure the edges with thread. All you need is a needle but of course a sewing machine would make quick work of it. These patches could add a little bulk that I personally wouldn’t want. Plus thread is so much cheaper.

    • The Everygirl

      Thanks for the tip Katie!!

  • Ripped denim is still a thing!? I honestly thought that was something only high school students could get away with. I mean, I know my office lets you wear jeans on Friday, but if I showed up in a ripped pair my boss would rip ME a new one. =/