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How to Arrange Furniture the Right Way


The keys to your new apartment have just been handed over to you. You have most of the furniture and decor you need, and you can’t wait to fill your new space to make it home. Moving in can be the most exciting yet frustrating process! Here are a few tips to arrange furniture correctly to minimize the stress.


1. Don’t Restrict Furniture to the Walls

Photo by Love & Light Photographs

As you begin to put a room together, it seems like the first instinct is to place all furniture against the wall. But, our rooms would have more dimension if we pulled couches and chairs away from the wall when possible. In living spaces, having an L-shape or U-shape arrangement is great for entertaining and provides a sense of togetherness and community. Maybe your sofa needs to go up against the wall—opt for a coffee table instead of side tables and build the living space around these two pieces.


2. Weight Your Room

Photo by Melissa Oholendt  

Ideally, each room will be arranged so that the objects with the most visual weight are placed furthest from the doors. When you enter a room, you want to be greeted with the main attraction. If you walk into your bedroom and the bed is on the wall behind you (the same wall that you just walked through), sorry, but unless you’re restricted by a funky floor plan, you’re doing this all wrong.


3. Allow for Movement

Photo by Rosa Delgado

It’s important that you can navigate through your home with ease. Do yourself a favor by not putting furniture close to entryways. Make sure that you have enough space to move around the room freely without bumping into a table or lamp. If movement is a problem, you either need a new arrangement or it’s time to get rid of a few items. Can you get in and out of your closet easily? If the door is open, does it cause any problems?

4. Love the Light

Photo via Apartment 34

Whenever possible, don’t place furniture in front of windows. You want to let the light in as much as possible to keep your space bright and you want to be able to see everything accurately.

Feature image by Kimberly Genevieve for The Everygirl