How to Build a Beauty Capsule Collection


Now more than ever minimalism is “in” and this trend has some serious lasting power. One idea fashion magazines and blogs are crazy about is the capsule wardrobe. The idea is to purge your closet so you only have clothes that make you look and feel your best. When you shop, you only buy clothes that you know work for your body and lifestyle. Because you will have a less cluttered wardrobe, it is easier to get dressed in the morning and you will always be happy with your outfits.

But we think it’s time to step out of the wardrobe and into the bathroom. One of the easiest areas of your life to let get out of control is your beauty stash. If you stop to think about it, your bathroom cabinets, purse, desk, and even car are probably overflowing with half-used eyeliners, bobby pins, and more chapstick than you can even remember buying.

If you are sick of overflowing drawers, never finding what you are looking for, and spending more money than you would like, you need to create a beauty capsule wardrobe, stat!

Source: Tamira Jarrel

Step 1: Purge.

First things first, purge any makeup you don’t use or is old. Read up on when you should toss your old makeup to avoid icky bacteria from possibly infecting you—it’s sooner than you may think. Start the cleanse by collecting every beauty product you own and putting it in front of you. Once you have chosen what is necessary, put it all in an easily accessible place and store any special occasion products (where they won’t get in the way of your daily primping).

Step 2: Determine what colors work best for you.

When purging and making purchasing decisions, it is important to know which colors work best for you. Take the time either at home or at a makeup counter to find what works best for your skin, eye, and hair color and stick with it! Sometimes no matter how much you love a certain lipstick shade, it is never going to work for your coloring. It’s better to know now and save yourself time and disappointment buying makeup you should never wear.

Source: Around the World in 80 Seconds

Step 3: Only keep quality products in your bag. And no, this does not refer to price.

It happens so fast! You head to a drugstore to pick up a prescription and the next thing you know your basket is full of cheap thrills from the beauty aisle. So stop buying whatever is cheapest or in the clearance bin! Only buy products you already like or know will work well with your lifestyle. And when we say quality, we aren’t referring to price, but what best fits your needs. Feel free to go for drugstore products, but only buy what you really need and will want to use frequently.

Step 4: Research before you purchase.

While it can be tempting to buy a pretty product that catches your eye right away, do some research first. Even if that means a quick Google search on your phone! Take the time to look at the ingredient list and read reviews. Plenty of other people have spent time and money discovering if a product is good, so reap the rewards of their hard work. And don’t ever be afraid to ask for a sample of a product (if possible). The best way to know if a product is worth the space in your makeup bag is if you try it.

Source: Byrdie

Step 5: Stay loyal to your favorite products.

After a few months of being absolutely in love with a product, you can’t help but wonder if there is anything better out there. You like the product so much that the thought of loving something even more is a tempting one! But if you really do love a product, stick with it. If the next product you buy doesn’t perform better, you will end up buying the old product again and having its half-used replacement taking up precious space in your bathroom.

Step 6: Buy what you need, not what you “should have.”

Everyone’s beauty needs are different, so don’t force yourself to have a fully stocked medicine cabinet just because (it seems like) everyone else does. If you like to get ready quickly in the morning, you probably don’t need a contour kit. And if you prefer to wear your hair up, stock up on hairspray and hair bands.

Source: Thirteen Thoughts

Step 7: Refrain from purchasing duplicates.

We all have that one product—with several (essentially) identical copies floating around. For some it may be an eyebrow pencil and for others, lip gloss. As tempted as you are to purchase the latest and greatest version in a slightly different shade, please refrain! You will have a cleaner bathroom and a heavier wallet for it. And if you have half a dozen of essentially the same product you never seem to finish them all—and your beauty space will always feel cluttered.

What are the key products in your beauty capsule wardrobe?