A Step-by-Step Guide for Exactly How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

written by LAUREN HARANO
Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

If there’s one beauty treatment that can instantly transform your look, it’s eyelash extensions. Faux lashes perk up the eyes by adding length, lift, volume, and fullness in all the right places. They’re ideal for the girl who wants a simple makeup routine since they don’t require any additional effort like using a curler or applying multiple coats of mascara (that is, unless you really want to amp up your look). Plus, there are three main types of extensions you can choose from—synthetic, silk, and mink—meaning you can find the right lashes that’ll suit your preference.

However, as glamorous as falsies might look, they do require some maintenance. To keep your extensions looking good for as long as you can (false lashes usually last up to six weeks if they’re taken care of properly), you need to wash them regularly. While some people think that cleaning your eyelash extensions can make them fall off more quickly, that’s far from true. In fact, if you don’t regularly clean your lashes, they can become a  breeding ground for bacteria, and no one wants that. Not to mention, taking care of your lashes can help preserve them and promote healthy lash growth over time. The bottom line: Even though lashes aren’t the easiest things to clean, it’s well worth it.

Ahead, learn the best ways to clean your extensions and keep them looking long, full, and worthy of heart eyes.


How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Before we get into it, know this: Cleaning your eyelash extensions requires a bit of time, effort, and patience. However, having squeaky-clean, lightweight lashes that last for weeks is well worth it. Ready to give your lashes the TLC they need? Follow these easy steps to clean your eyelash extensions effectively:


Step 1: Gather your supplies.

To effectively clean your falsies, you’re going to need a few lash products. These products include a specialized lash extension cleanser (try to look for one that’s oil-free), a small, soft-bristled brush, and disposable mascara wands.


Step 2: Wash your face.

Before you even begin cleaning your lashes, make sure your face is clean. Wash it with your favorite cleanser and pat it dry.


Step 3: Apply the lash extension cleanser to your fingertips.

Squeeze a small amount of lash extension cleanser onto clean fingertips. Don’t use too much lash shampoo since it can get in your eyes. It’s best not to use a cotton pad since cotton pads can cling to the lashes and rip them out.


Step 4: Cleanse your lashes.

Gently rub your fingertips along the base of your lashes. To ensure you really clean your lashes, lightly massage your lash line to cover the roots of the extensions. Use a soft-bristled brush to ensure the shampoo covers your whole eye area.


Step 5: Comb your lashes.

Using a soft-bristled brush or disposable mascara wand, start at the base of your lashes and gently brush through them in a downward motion. This will help clear out any leftover mascara, eye makeup, dead skin cells, debris, and plain old gunk from your extensions as well as your natural lashes.


Step 6: Wash your face with lukewarm water.

Once you’ve effectively cleansed your lashes, wash your face with lukewarm water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your lashes as well as your eye area. We don’t suggest using hot water since hot water can make the lash glue less effective. Once you’re done, pat your face dry.


Step 7: Fluff your lashes.

Once your face is dry, you can go ahead and fluff and separate your lashes. You can do this by using a clean, disposable mascara wand. This ensures none of your lashes are stuck together.


Step 8: Repeat up two to three times a week.

Try to clean your eyelash extensions at least two or three times a week if you want to keep them healthy and free from dirt and bacteria. Taking proper care of them will help them last longer and look better.


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3 Eyelash Extension Cleaning Products

To effectively clean your extensions, you’ll need the following products:


Lash Extension Cleanser/Lash Shampoo

Make sure you’re cleaning your lashes with a specialized lash extension cleanser or shampoo. (Read: Don’t use face wash.) It’s best to use one that’s gentle and oil-free since oil can remove lash glue over time. Look for a cleanser that removes both makeup residue as well as dirt and other gunk without damaging the lash adhesive or your lashes in general. Some of our favorites are the Eclat Skincare Store Lash Shampoo, Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo, and the BREYLEE Lash Shampoo.

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Soft-Bristled Brush

A soft-bristled brush is great for ensuring the shampoo reaches every nook and cranny of your lashes. We suggest using one that’s soft to the touch and easy to clean, such as this Lash Affair Eyelove Lash Shampoo Brush or this Ronchall set of four brushes.

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Disposable Mascara Wands

Disposable mascara wands are essential when it comes to gently combing through your lashes. Aside from removing buildup and debris, they also sort through tangles, which helps keep lashs looking long, separated, and beautiful.

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