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How to Use CBD to Help Your Period


Your period. Menstruation. Your Monthly Visitor. Code Red. On the rag. Aunt Flow. That time of the month. Shark Week. The Crimson Tide. Bloody Mary. Whatever you call it, it effing sucks.


I rarely get a period (#NexplanonLyfe), so when I do, the world basically freezes over. The pain is unbearable, I can’t get enough Netflix, and I’m way too irritable to be around anyone who means anything to me. (Sorry for what I said when I was PMSing!) Periods are bad enough, but as women, we’re expected to just go on with our lives and act casual when there’s literally blood coming out of us at all times.

So, when the beast decides to come out and play, I have to find something to bring me back down to earth. While I’ve been adding CBD to my wellness routine, I never thought about it for dealing with the pain of my periods. So, I figured, what the hey, and decided to implement it into my routine. (There wasn’t anything to lose!)

If you’re dealing with cramps, CBD is a godsend. Sometimes, when Midol and Ibuprofen can’t cut it, you’re left wondering what is going to stop this monstrosity from wreaking havoc on your body. CBD stops pain in its tracks. Not only do you notice the pain diminishing in about 30 minutes, but it helps to stop the pain from coming back quickly. If you experience breast tenderness or aching muscles during your period, CBD is a great natural way to handle that pain. CBD salves should be a requirement for dealing with PMS-related lower back pain. (It’s the worst!)

Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it is an amazing natural way to prevent pain from occurring. You can use CBD for more than a way to treat period pain, but also to prevent it from happening in the first place. When I’m on my period, I make it a point to add CBD oil to my morning smoothies to give myself a boost throughout the day to help me get through it without keeling over in pain by 2pm.

Along with feeling less pain, CBD is a great way to reduce anxiety, which in turn can help with worry, irritability, and stress. Sometimes, the pain of your period or the stress of PMS can be so much that you lose sight of everything else going on in your life. This can make having your period a debilitating experience, during which you only want to lay in bed and cry over Someone Great. CBD helps me manage current stress while preventing me from getting worried about something in the future. If you find that you experience negative emotions like this during your period, CBD might help to ground your emotions and level you out.

When I’m on my period, my cramps and anxiety can keep me awake at night. Then, I’m exhausted and ultimately even more irritable than I was to begin with. CBD calms me down enough before bed to get the full nights rest I need to perform the next day. Some people have negative experiences taking CBD before bed though, so be cautious and don’t force yourself to use it if you notice vivid nightmares or anything out of the ordinary.

So, basically, CBD is a miracle worker, and if you haven’t tried it, I’m not sure how else to convince you! (If I could Venmo everyone in the world enough to try some, I would!) 





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How do you incorporate CBD into your routine?!