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This post is sponsored by Lenox, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

Giveaway: Enter to Win Over $1,000 of Our Favorite Dinnerware

written by JOSIE SANTI
photography by Allyson Trammell | graphics by Kelly Etz
photography by Allyson Trammell | graphics by Kelly Etz

The kitchen is the heart of my home. I know that’s a cheesy cliché, but for me, it’s true (for more than just the fact that I’ve lived in a studio apartment and the kitchen is approximately half of my home). I wake up earlier so I can make breakfast instead of grabbing something quick, I don’t meal prep because I like to spend a full lunch break to cook, and I do everything I can to make mealtime sacred. Basically, I spend a huge portion of my life in the kitchen, either cooking, eating, or spending time with the people I love.

But whether you’re a chef wannabe like me or have your UberEats driver on speed dial, we can all agree that dinnerware is incredibly important. A pretty set of mugs on display can transform a simple kitchen into a cozy oasis, while a matching set of plates can turn Tuesday night dinner into a special occasion. IDK about you, but nice, durable, and versatile kitchenware is a right of passage into adulthood (oh, and if you’re still using red solo cups and leftover paper plates? No shame, but the environment needed you to stop, like, yesterday).

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home and dinnerware is the heart of the kitchen, it’s incredibly important to have a set that will look nice on display, be durable enough to last (no breakable china for me, please!), and elegant enough to upgrade any meal at home. I know what you’re thinking: nice dinnerware that won’t break easily? Impossible! At least that’s what I thought (after two broken plates and a few chipped mugs) until I updated my kitchen with Lenox



You might have heard of Lenox for their gorgeous kitchen pieces, complete with stunning craftsmanship and over 100 years of experience. They’re certainly a leader in mugs, serveware, and plates alike, but why I love Lenox over any other brand goes beyond just stunning design. The products also happen to be durable and versatile, which means that when I invest in a nice set of plates or a pretty teapot, it won’t be something I have to save for when company over (like my fancy candles–you know the type). Instead, they’ve become my everyday items that are pretty enough to put on display for fancy nights at home (hello, date night!), but also can make Saturday breakfast or Tuesday night dinner feel extra special.


Because we all deserve a little upgrade to our homes (especially after a year without leaving them), we’ve partnered with Lenox to giveaway over $2,000 worth of kitchenware. Yes, you read that’s right–two lucky winners will win $1,000 each of gorgeous mugs, elegant bowl sets, timeless flatware, and impressive serveware. The giveaway ends on May 20, so enter the giveaway today to update your kitchen, impress your guests, and make every meal at home a bit more special.

Two lucky winners will each receive over $1,000 of Lenox French Perle Dinnerware. Including:

(1) Amber Hill Flatware 65-piece set, $243
(1) French Perle Scallop 12-piece set, $272
(1) French Perle Scallop Mug (set of 4), $86
(1) French Perle Scallop Serving Bowl, $115
(1) French Perle Scallop Platter, $143
(2) French Perle Fluted Vase, $42
(1) Valencia Peach Glass (set of 4), $86

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Giveaway ends 5/20/21 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Open to US residents only.

*excludes full-priced Kate Spade New York


This post is sponsored by Lenox, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.