My Week of Outfits: Lauren Taylor’s Floridian Winter Wardrobe


As an advocate for pizza, women’s empowerment, and living a joyful life, I am all about getting your comfy on and feeling good in your own skin! Throughout the week, you’ll catch me writing, filming, modeling, and encouraging young women to be confident. From pom-tastic cable beanies, high-rise skinny jeans, and soft fabrics, I have you covered for my favorite wardrobe styles during my week. Also, you’ll get a taste of Floridian winter wardrobe!


Name: Lauren Taylor
Age: 25
Job: Founder of The Letter Book and Blogger
Location: Orlando, Florida





“Can we start the weekend over again? I wasn’t ready.” This is me to a T. You’ll always find me exploring the outdoors (complete with a cup of hot cider) and dreaming up fun ideas for the future. I love this Aerie Turtleneck Sweater and Beanie that basically make me feel like I’m still in my footy pajamas. Call off the search — life complete!






Don’t mind me — just stealing my boyfriend’s shirt (you can’t blame a girl for trying). Caving in, I purchased my own boyfriend flannel shirts — and as much as this girl loves taco Tuesdays (who doesn’t?), Tuesdays usually consume me with back to back meetings and all of my time. There is nothing like an oversized fit and collared shirt paired with a classic jean jacket that keeps you comfortable and professional.






On the mornings I have no idea what to wear, I believe in my inner Beyoncé and head straight first for my three go-to favorites at the moment: distressed sweater, high waisted skinny jeans, and booties. 🙌 to a good, confidence-boosting outfit that still feels comfy, right? The world needs more of them.






Lizzie McGuire, I am an outfit repeater too! Let’s break up the stigma — I am all about wearing your favorite outfit again in the same week, so I paired my go-to sweater with a pleated midi skirt and low tops from Converse.






At the end of a really long week, it’s only appropriate to wear a soft tee and jeans. Can I get an amen?! Fridays, I spend the whole day in my room, working from a desk. Cozy life, big dreams, fuzzy socks, and a touch of dog hair.


Ellen DeGeneres said it best — “Your beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin.” No matter your own wardrobe, there is no better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself. Whatever size or shape body you have, it’s important to embrace it and love the REAL you.


Casual Tee, Topshop
Distressed Tee, LNA
Denim Jacket, BP.
Distressed Sweater, Lira Clothing
Oxford Shirt, Abercrombie
Cozy Sweater, Aerie
Pleated Skirt, Target
High-Waist Jeans, Abercrombie
High-Waist Leggings, Nike
Chuck Taylors, Converse
Bootie, Steve Madden
Slip On Sneaker, Bella Vita
Slippers, UGG
Bar Necklace, BP.
Chunky Beanie, ASOS


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