Why You Need an Evening Hair Care Routine

Face masks are having a moment right now. Sure, your skin may be glowing, but have you been neglecting your hair? (No, yanking a brush through your tresses on your way out the door does not count). Here are some of the ways establishing a nighttime hair care routine will help you achieve locks as fabulous as you are.


Deep Condition

Repair damage and tame frizziness with overnight conditioning treatments once a week. You can also dab your favorite oil to your ends to moisturize. Leaving heavier treatments in overnight allows your hair to absorb the product, and you don’t have to go to work with greasy-looking hair.

Source: @charmainedulak


Prep for the Next Day

Save time on morning shower by showering at night and applying your hair care products before bed. For bonus points, tie up your hair or braid overnight for instant waves and texture in the morning.  


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Promote Growth

If you’re at that weird growing-out length, you can promote hair growth with a quick scalp massage which stimulates blood flow and can help your hair grow more quickly. Those last-minute-decision bangs will be long layers in no time.


Source: @collagevintage


Avoid Breakage

Saved the easiest for last! Investing a high-quality pillowcase specifically designed for your hair will prevent breakage that rough fibers in regular pillowcases can cause. Invest in a silk case and rest knowing you’re doing to most while simultaneously doing the least.


What is your evening hair care routine? Let us know in the comments!