I Look at Beauty Products All Day—These Are the Deals I’d Snag During the Nordstrom Sale

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High-end beauty products rarely go on sale. To be honest, I think it adds to the allure; they’re less attainable and expensive and beautiful and obviously, my favorite thing on this very earth. But when they do go on sale, it’s often hard to sift through what’s actually good and what should probably stay miles away from your shopping cart. You might wonder, “Well, there has to be a reason this is on sale, right?!” Often, I’d agree with you, but the one exception is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

You’ve likely heard about it a million times by now, but the Nordstrom sale is filled with incredible beauty products, from makeup to body care to gadgets to skincare and more, and they’re all on a pretty hefty discount. Most of my day (honestly, during work and during my free time) is spent looking at, testing, researching, sourcing, and pining after beauty products. I have a pretty good handle on what’s out there, what has positive reviews, and what is absolutely worth your money. So, I did what any good editor does, and I sifted through every beauty product in the Nordstrom sale to see what was actually worth it. If I had an endless amount of money (or an incredibly high Nordstrom credit card limit), these are what I’d pick up. Some of them I love so much I’d even recommend them at full price, and some are just a deal you can’t beat.



The Petite Facial Kit

NuFace is one of the best beauty gadgets I've ever tried because it *actually* works. It uses microcurrents to target the muscles in the face to keep working and produce more collagen, as well as tightens and sculpts the face. Whether you're worried about fine lines and wrinkles or just want to tighten up your face a bit, this product works both immediately and over time, meaning you'll notice a difference right away and bigger changes over time. I am really self-conscious about the contours of my face, and using this once a day really helped boost my confidence. But what I love about this deal is that you get both the NuFace Mini (and the gel primer, which you should NOT skip using unless you want to feel like you're being electrocuted) and The Fix Smoothing Device and Serum, a targeted microcurrent device that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles in seconds (seriously, check out this video, and you'll be amazed). You get both of these devices for the price of just the NuFace Mini not on sale—so jump on this ASAP because it WILL sell out.


Pure Silk White Queen Pillowcase Duo

This set of two pillowcases is an Anniversary Sale exclusive, meaning you can't get it anywhere else! We love these pillowcases (and their hair ties, their headbands, their face masks—literally drape me in Slip everything) to keep our hair in place and damage-free while we're sleeping, reading in bed, lounging, or whatever else you like to do in bed. They've kept my fine hair from breaking in the back (does anyone else deal with this? my stylist scolds me for ponytails every time), but our long-haired editors love that it doesn't snag and pull out their hair while sleeping. Not to mention, they just look chic AF. White not your speed? They have this absolutely gorgeous caramel shade too!


1.25-Inch Professional Ceramic Curling Iron

If you've had your eye on a new hair tool, now's the time to get it. T3's products are expensive, but the quality is there. You'll save over $50 picking this up in the sale, which is what ultimately put it on my personal wishlist! In one pass, you'll have polished curls that last all day and never look frizzy—which is major if you're like me and hate curling your hair and it falling out in 30 minutes.


Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil

Skinmalism is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021, in which there's a stronger focus on fewer products that give the most bang for their buck. The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is exactly that. It's an overnight oil you apply as the last step in your skincare routine that soothes, improves texture, adds hydration and glow, and nourishes your skin with a blend of skin-loving oils like squalane and evening primrose. Instead of piling on a ton of masks, serums, and creams, opt for this one oil that basically does it all. Unlike many other items in the sale, you can choose the small or larger size of this and get a discount on both, which is a complete steal.

Living Proof

Perfect Hair Day Jumbo Set

There's a reason this is called "Perfect Hair Day." This shampoo and conditioner does it all: volumizes, smoothes, strengthens, adds shine, and conditions fine, medium, and thick hair types, leaving you with the best hair of your life that's primed for style. But that's not all—this set also contains our editors' favorite dry shampoo of all time. It makes your hair actually feel clean with no white cast on dark hair. Don't wait—this set always sells out.

Laura Mercier

Translucent Loose Setting Powder Duo

A celebrity beauty favorite
on sale? Say no more. This loose powder has been used on the best of the best (by the best makeup artists in the game, no less) to set makeup, reduce shine, and keep your makeup on all day long. This duo gives you a full-size, a mini perfect for travel—I always refill this minis over and over again with a full-size product to keep on hand), and a powder puff to make application easy and smooth.

Paula's Choice

Jumbo Size Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Our editors’ favorite exfoliator for banishing blackheads that's also viral on TikTok in a jumbo size on sale? Say no more. This salicylic acid exfoliating toner is gentle yet effective, leaving your skin feeling softer, clearer, and brighter after only a few uses.

Maison Margiela

Replica Mini Fragrance Discovery Kit

Replica's fragrance line is our team's favorite perfume line, so if you were looking to try a variety of their scents (plus, Music Festival, which was hard to find in the U.S. until recently but is described by reviewers as their favorite scent from the brand!), this is the set for you. It's a $150 value, and these small sizes last so long that you'll have an arsenal of Replica fragrances on your vanity for a long time.

Laura Mercier

Caviar Stick Eyeshadow Set

If you’re ready to venture into eye makeup again, the easiest way to get the look is a cream shadow like these. I love these because they spread around and blend easily, and they have a very long wear time. Apply this in the morning, and your eyes will be shimmery and smoldering until you take it off at night. I always buy these in sets because they’re such a good deal and help me build a collection of a few shades.


Orgasm Blush Duo

As a blush lover, I understand the mark NARS Orgasm has left on the makeup world. I can name at least five friends and coworkers who own this blush and this blush only and don't ever think of straying away. And I understand—it's the perfect pinky-coral with a slight sheen that gives your cheeks a glow, and you can build it up to work on a variety of skin tones. Whether yours from 2013 is getting a little crusty or you've never tried it, if Orgasm is on your mind, this is the deal to pick it up. This comes with a set of two full-size blushes, meaning you'll get the second for a third of its usual price. I understand most people won't need two of the same blush, but I highly recommend going in on this deal with a friend or giving the second one away as a gift, because you won't find this deal anywhere else.


Sunset Hair Tie Set

Oh, hello, steal of my dreams. Now that I've fallen head-over-heels for my Slip pillowcase, I am all about purchasing every single item I put in my hair in this gorgeous silk. But as you'll maybe know, silk ain't cheap, so the best time to snag these amazing-yet-not-that-exciting accessories are in a sale. This one comes with six of the small scrunchies and two of the medium size, so you'll have all you need for putting your hair up before bed, for working out, and for the cutest party pony.

Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk Beauty Set

Whether you've never tried Charlotte Tilbury's famed Pillow Talk lipstick or you've went through a few tubes already, this set is EVERYTHING. This was one of those sets that I saw online and didn't think too much about, but once I saw it in person, I snatched it up immediately. This comes with the Pillow Talk eye palette (filled with gorgeous mattes and shimmers for every occasion—I have so many fall looks in mind with this), a full-size Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara, a full-size eyeliner in Pillow Talk (a gorgeous berry brown I can't wait to smudge all over my eyes for a date night), a full-size Pillow Talk lipstick (of course), and the product I'm most excited about: the Pillow Talk Beauty Light Wand, the product that's been sold out everywhere for months thanks to it being Madison Beer’s favorite. This is expensive, but it's over a $200 value, so it's well worth it based on what you're saving.

La Mer

Crème de la Mer Set

If you've ever wanted to try La Mer, NOW IS YOUR TIME. As you'll know, La Mer is expensive, but it's well-loved by celebrities and pros because it seriously works. It's gentle, effective, luxurious, and so moisturizing, leaving you with probably the best skin of your life. This set, at under $100, has four travel-sizes of their top products like the Creme De La Mer, the cleansing foam, the treatment lotion, and the renewal oil, so expect to be the bougiest member on your next vacay with absolutely flawless, hydrated skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Bae-sics Deluxe Kit

If you've ever, IDK, been on the Internet, you'll know that Anastasia Beverly Hills makes the best brow products. It's what makeup artists and celebrities and everyone with good brows has in their arsenal. This deal is outrageous—at $33, you're getting another Brow Wiz for less than 10 bucks and the mini brow gel totally free. If you're a fan of these two products, this is a deal you can't miss.


Full-Size Super Dry Shampoo & Detox Shampoo Set

The second I saw this in the sale, I knew it would be my most-anticipated set. I already own both of these products, and they're some of my favorites from the OUAI line... and the deal on this is insane. The Super Dry Shampoo is for the oiliest of hair days, and it delivers without a white cast. And for the first wash after, the Detox Shampoo is my favorite clarifying shampoo. It doesn't strip my hair or leave it feeling dry, but my roots are so voluminous after and my hair feels clean as can be. This set is definitely going to sell FAST.


Healthy Hair Wonders Set

Say hello to my favorite hair product of all time but now, at a discount! Briogeo is one of my favorite hair brands because all of the products are clean, effective, and not-cheap-but-not-outrageously-priced-either, ya know? I bought a tub of the Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioner almost two years ago, and I still have about five uses left. It lasts truly forever on my short-to-medium length, fine hair, but I'm sure thick and curly/coily hair would get plenty of uses out of it too. This set also includes their Scalp Scrub (another favorite of mine—it smells like peppermint, makes your scalp tingle in the most satisfying way, and lifts build-up from dry shampoo and other hair products) and a full-size of their leave-in conditioning spray. I'll be picking this up to replenish my deep conditioner (I will never be without this, y'all) and get a few extras at a discount!

Atelier Cologne

Discovery Travel Fragrance Set

I picked up a set of Atelier Cologne's travel-size perfumes to try all of them a few months ago, and they're shaping up to be—dare I say it—my favorite perfume line out there. But the problem is that I truly love every single one. I can't decide which to buy a full-size of because they're all so unique and have the perfect strength that lasts on my skin and clothes for a long time. I'm considering getting this set because it contains five scents I really love, including Lemon Island, my absolute favorite lemon perfume of all time, which isn't in their other perfume travel sets.