Our Favorite Fashion Retailer Also Has the Best Home Decor

I have a shocking confession to make. I don’t love online shopping. I know, I know. As someone whose job it is to share her favorite fashion, beauty, and decor styles online, this is a bit of a scandalous statement. It’s not that I don’t enjoy filling up my virtual shopping cart or having access to an unimaginable amount of options, I just get nervous about not seeing my purchase in real life first. What if it doesn’t fit/look good in my home/makes me break out into some horrible rash? Needless to say, I still make many of my purchases in store, but when I do shop online, I rely on a few trusted retailers. Anyone who’s ever shopped at Nordstrom won’t be surprised to find they are at the top of my list.

Nordstrom’s famed customer service is beloved for a reason (shout out to the sales associate that called a dozen different Nordstrom locations across the country to find me a dress that was sold out online!). Not to mention, their return policy is a breeze. When I do order online, usually taking advantage of their free shipping on most purchases, I can rest easy knowing I can ship my returns back for free or drop them off at any of my local Nordstroms. Not to mention, if I need something a.s.a.p. or don’t want to leave a package on my doorstep while I’m at work all day, I can choose to pick up my order in store. They offer curbside pickup now, so I don’t even have to leave my car. Fortunately, I live within 15 minutes of no less than four Nordstrom locations and three Nordstrom Rack stores. Yes it is as amazing/dangerous as it sounds.

Nordstrom—or Nordy’s as the ladies in my family call it—has always been my go-to for style and beauty products, so you could imagine how happy I’ve been to watch their home decor options grow over the past few years. They have so many affordable options for your home or to gift. The holidays are looming and remember, everyone likes to receive a present in that shiny silver box!

As I mentioned, the Nordstrom home section has been growing online and in stores, so to make things easier for you, The Everygirl team is sharing the home decor and appliances that have shot to the top of their wishlists this year!


1. Cute Kitchen Appliances

Let’s face it, kitchen appliances can often look cold and industrial. We couldn’t live without ‘em, but we would be happier if they were just a little cuter! Which is why we were practically squealing when we found these adorable, retro-inspired kitchen appliances. I guess it makes sense that Nordstrom would make our kitchen look just as chic as our wardrobes.


2. Cozy Textiles

Now that fall is in full swing, we are planning on hibernating until spring. Bring on all the chunky knits please! We chose a variety of pillows and throw blankets in plush fabrics and neutral colors (blush is a neutral in our book!) that can fit into almost any home. We think these knit and pom embellished styles would look especially great when cozying up in front of the fireplace or Christmas tree.


3. Scented Candles that Double as Decorative Accents

We think it’s fair to get double duty out of your decor. We’re fully planning on cuddling up in the cozy blankets and blending up our morning smoothies in the styles we shared above. So why not choose candles that look as pretty as they smell? Nordstrom has a gorgeous selection of candles that will give your home the loveliest glow. Even when unlit, they’ll look very elegant on your vanity or coffee table.


4. Cheeky Doormats

We try not to take ourselves or our home decor too seriously. We love these cheeky doormats that are such a fun and warm way to greet guests. Plus they are an instant conversation starter. The only problem? They’re so cute you might be afraid to step on them!


5. Entertaining Essentials

You’re the hostess with the mostess and you deserve the entertaining tools to match. We can’t wait to serve up a gorgeous charcuterie board or appetizer spread on these stunning serving boards. Why not go for extra glam factor and let your guests serve themselves with these gold-hued cheese knives?






This post was in partnership with Nordstrom, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.