The Online Quiz My Partner and I Took That Transformed Our Sex Life


It was a moment of sheer desperation. One week out from my husband’s birthday, and my creative juices had dried up. I had a genuinely great idea for his gift: a jar with 52 sexual activities in it, one for each week. Yet, here I was, at the tenth hour, with only seven activities written down. I was stumped (and my sexual ego was crushed). Fast-forward several embarrassing Google searches later, and I found myself on the website WeShouldTryIt. It was a godsend; just ask my husband.


We Should Try…What?

WeShouldTryIt is a wildly entertaining questionnaire designed to be completed by two people. Participants are presented with a series of sexual activities and must indicate their willingness/desire to try each one. The catch? Since the quiz is completed individually, participants are unaware of their partner’s answers until the end. Upon completion, the website combines the results into a sexual checklist. The best part is that the checklist only includes activities that both people indicated they wanted to/were willing to try. WeShouldTryIt is free and takes about 20 minutes to complete. I recommend this quiz to everyone. Here’s why:


It answers the question of where to begin talking to your partner about sex.

I get it. Talking about sex, even with a long-time partner, can feel serious and uncomfortable. WeShouldTryIt totally lightens the mood. My husband and I had a blast reading through the various activities we both selected and laughing as we predicted their future success/failure. Plus, this quiz highlights your mutual desires, which facilitates a judgment-free zone. Whether it’s suggesting a new position or letting them down easy that that threesome really is off the table, this quiz addresses it.


Your sex life is YOUR responsibility.

Why do we devote so much time to furthering our physical, spiritual, and mental health, but expect our sex life to flourish on its own? It’s crucial to your (and your partner’s!) sexual health to discover what you like/don’t like/are open to sexually. No one is going to do this for you. WeShouldTryIt provides numerous activities that allow you to take charge of your sex life, as well as pinpoint what elicits desire in you.


It may just get you out of that rut.

Once you discover that position that is guaranteed to bring you to orgasm, it’s easy to keep falling back on. While there’s nothing wrong with doing what works, repetition breeds complacency. Introducing something original into the routine, be it a sensual back rub or a new toy, can heighten the excitement and lead to increased satisfaction. If you’re not sure where to begin, WeShouldTryIt has over 100 ideas. The activities in this questionnaire range from mainstream to things I’ve never even heard of (or known they had sexual connotations). The possibilities are endless.


It’s not every day we learn something new about our partner.

We will probably never fully know our partners. Learning about each other is an ongoing process, one that needs to be done intentionally. Getting to know your partner includes getting to know them sexually. WeShouldTryIt is a lighthearted way to tap into their desires. Some of your partner’s answers may surprise you.


This quiz is a game-changer. If you lack creativity in the bedroom or are in a rut, there are over 100 activities at your disposal. If you don’t know where to begin telling your partner what you enjoy sexually, this can serve as an ice breaker. For those of you that already have a healthy dialogue, this furthers the discussion. And if you’re like most of the world and living in quarantine, there’s no better way to pass the time.