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The Everygirl’s January Challenge—Week 3: Optimize Your Health

january challenge week 3"
january challenge week 3
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

What’s the point of manifesting your dream life (see: January Challenge Week #1) if you’re not able to enjoy it? Week #3 of our January Challenge is focused on your overall well-being to improve energy, longevity, gut health, hormones, and overall feel better in your body. Spoiler: You won’t find any fad diets and punishing workouts here, but rather sustainable tricks of the trade to live (and maintain) a healthy lifestyle. Ahead, the third week of The Everygirl’s January Challenge entails a daily “snack” to focus on your well-being every day this week.

january challenge week 3

Monday: Read “9 Powerful Lifestyle Habits of the World’s Healthiest People

If anyone knows the secret to longevity, it’s the people living in the Blue Zones (regions of the world where people live exceptionally long lives). They don’t rely on some magic elixir, pill, or quick fix—it comes down to nine common lifestyle behaviors they all share. Find out what they are in this article. You’re going to want to take notes.

Tuesday: Listen to “How to Transform Your Health to Unlock Limitless Potential, With Biohacking Bestie Aggie Lal

What is a biohack anyway? In this episode of The Everygirl Podcast, Aggie Lal, author of Biohack Like a Woman: How to Get Fit Effortlessly, Feel Beautiful, Have More Energy, and Unleash Your Superpowers With Biohacking, takes us on a deep dive into what biohacking actually is and her science-backed methods to working with your biology to optimize your fitness and overall health. The result? Your healthiest mind and body, and unlocking your limitless potential.

Wednesday: Make one of these recipes to support longevity

Continuing on the Blue Zone train, it should come as no surprise that diet plays a key role in living your best centenarian life. Hint: It doesn’t just consist of salads. From banana bread to pasta to soups, take your pick of 10 recipes loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and more superfoods that will help you eat like the healthiest people on the planet.

Thursday: Listen to: “How to Heal Your Body With Hormone Specialist, Lauren Papanos

If we’ve learned anything in 2023, it’s that hormones rule our health (and TikTok feeds). Searches for hormonal health, cycle syncing, and reproductive cycles skyrocketed this past year, and for good reason: Hormones can dictate everything from your mental health to how you sleep to your gut health. Hormone specialist and nutritionist Lauren Papanos dives deeper into hormonal health in this episode than you’ve likely ever heard before, sharing insight into how to identify root causes, test hormones, and ultimately heal.

Friday: Schedule all of your doctor appointments for the year

Yes, that includes dentists, dermatologists, gynecologists, and any specialists. While your doctor’s appointments may not be something you look forward to, making them a priority means putting you and your health first. Treat them like any other important event you have penciled in, like a work meeting or the date you’re counting down the hours to. By blocking your calendar, you’re way more likely to follow through on your appointment instead of putting it on the back burner. And if you need a little more incentive, reward yourself after each doctor visit. Do doctors still give out lollipops? Asking for a friend.

Saturday: Listen to “How to Live a Longer, Healthier Life with Parsley Health’s Dr. Robin Berzin

Dr. Robin Berzin is the CEO and founder of America’s leading holistic medical practice, Parsley Health, which she created after realizing a desperate gap in healthcare that prioritizes prevention, treats chronic symptoms, and identifies the root cause. From why the majority of women are dealing with symptoms or chronic issues to tips to make your alcohol healthier to how to reduce biological aging, this eye-opening episode unpacks important information that every woman needs to hear to live her healthiest life.

Sunday: Read “Unlocking Your Body’s Full Potential: A Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking

… and then choose one biohack to experiment with, based on your goals. Now that you’re a biohacking pro after listening to Aggie’s episode, it’s time to start putting it into practice. Whether you are in dire need of better Zzzs, could use a little more oomph in your workouts, or are after that J.Lo glow, there’s a biohack for that. Give this article a once-over, then get after it.