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The Everygirl’s 11 Favorite Pieces from Ikea & How to Style Them


I’ve lived in a total of 10 apartments/houses since moving out of my parents home at 18 (pause for a moment while I realize how actually crazy that sounds). Each one has had a different budget and style, but of them has been adorned in the one, the only, IKEA.

Honestly, what is there to not love about this place? It’s the only store in the world where you can get a Swedish meatball and completely furnish your living room in the same building, and that’s something to be grateful for. We’ve rounded up our favorite IKEA pieces (you’ll find all of these either in our own homes or on our wish lists), and we’re sharing our favorite ways to style them — so get your shopping carts ready.


1. FÄRLÖV Sofa

Source: Blesser House

This piece feels straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie to me at a FRACTION of what I can only imagine a Nancy Meyers character would probably pay. The skirted slipcover and sloped arms instantly make it feel casual but classic. Style it with timeless pieces rooted in traditional design, keeping the color palette light and bright to stay modern and fresh.

$699, FÄRLÖV Sofa
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2. RANARP Wall Lamp

Source: Remodelista Source: IKEA

The gold hardware on this sleek wall lamp elevates the entire piece. Use this above your nightstands to preserve surface space, or install above your bookshelves for a high-end look at a fraction of the cost.

$19, RANARP Wall Lamp
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3. STOCKHOLM Coffee Table

Source: Domino Source: ELLE Decoration

This woven coffee table works perfect with a mid-century or minimalist vibe. Style it with a throw pillow and blanket to act as a bench, or add a tray and coffee table books to establish it as a cocktail table in your living space.

$99, STOCKHOLM Coffee Table
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Source: Style At Home Source: The Faux Martha

These chairs lend a modern farmhouse vibe, but they work with just about any style of decor out there. Opt for contrast by pairing the white chairs with a darker table, or vice versa, to create the biggest impact.

$65, NORRARYD Chair
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5. HEKTAR Pendant Lamp

Source: Apartment 34

These pendants make a big splash at such a fraction of the cost of most overhead lighting this size. You can pair multiple pendants together over a long dining table or make one the focal point in an entry way.

$59, HEKTAR Pendant Lamp
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6. STRANDMON Wing Chair

Source: Polished Habitat Source: Decor and the Dog

Wing chairs are like an engraved invitation to grab a book and curl up with a cup of tea. This one works best placed in a cozy corner with a floor lamp, small side table, and a soft throw.

$229, STRANDMON Wing Chair
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7. FJÄLKINGE Shelf Unit

Source: Aimée Mazzenga for The Everygirl Source: Carli Statsky for The Everygirl

These shelves are one of those pieces that you could probably use in every room of your house. The sleek design makes them perfect for storing everything from office supplies to clothes. Use baskets for extra concealed storage, and be sure to incorporate a few pretty pieces along with the utilitarian ones: photos, sculptural pieces, and books are all recommended!

$210, FJÄLKINGE Shelf Unit with Drawers
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8. RIBBA frames

Source: Emily Henderson Source: Jennifer Kathryn for The Everygirl

The IKEA Ribba frames make displaying artwork and creating gallery walls WAY more affordable than any other option out there. Choose all one size and color for a more cohesive, clean style, or opt for multiple colors and sizes for a more eclectic vibe.

$19.99, RIBBA frames
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Source: Fashion Squad

Sure, it may not look like much on its own, but this is one of the most versatile IKEA pieces out there. It’s the perfect blank canvas as a dining table (pair it with black bentwood chairs for a French vibe) or in your office paired with colorful inspiration boards and quirky desk accessories.

$39, MELLTORP table
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10. BJÖRKSNÄS Glass-door Cabinet

The leather pulls on this piece make it feel unique rather than like a piece you’d buy from a big box store. The lines and color options are sophisticated and clean, so keep the styled accessories neutral to make everything cohesive. Place any unsightly objects in a neutral storage container to keep things looking chic, not messy.

$249, BJÖRKSNÄS Glass-door Cabinet
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11. SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp

$59.99, SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp
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Finding a statement light fixture for under $60 is basically like winning the lottery. This one works everywhere from a bedroom to a dining room. Bonus: the woven shade adds a dose of texture and interest to an otherwise neutral space.


What are your favorite IKEA pieces? Did we miss any?! Tell us yours in the comments below.