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This post is sponsored by obé, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

The Obé Fitness Classes Our Team Can’t Get Enough Of

written by BETH GILLETTE

When you find a good workout, you want to scream it from the rooftops. One that not only makes you feel strong and powerful but makes you feel accomplished and excited—it’s the gold standard of workouts. For some, it’s a long run. Others, it’s pilates. And for you, it might be dancing around your apartment to your favorite early 2010s hits (me). With Obé Fitness, our team’s #1 streaming fitness app, you don’t have to choose just one! You can try every workout under the sun and create an arsenal of your favorites. Our team has been using Obé for years, so we’re sharing our favorite classes. Whether it’s a one-hour full class or a guided stretch for after a run, we’ve got a whole host of favorites.




1. Power Hour with Kat E.

I’ve been taking this class every week for the last few months, and I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my strength and endurance than I have with any workout. Kat pushes me to work hard, but I don’t feel like I’m being screamed at by a trainer either. The moves are easy to modify to fit my needs, and I love that we start with lighter weights and go heavier throughout the class. If you take any Obé class recommendation, make it this—I am absolutely obsessed. 


2. Barre Legs: Inner Thighs with Michelle B.

Obé is great for adding an extra 10-minute class here and there to your other workouts, and this is one I’ve been including lately when I want to add a class that won’t make me drip in sweat but will leave me sore AF. It is hard, but so worth it. 


3. Strength with Ana C.

Ana is one of my favorite Obé instructors, and I’ve been loving her strength classes. She always does a full-body class, so I walk away feeling like I got a really good workout in only 28 minutes. I also love that she’s all about strength but adds a little cardio here and there to get my heart rate up. I like to take a strength class once or twice a week, and her energy has encouraged me to keep going.


4. Hard AF Pilates with Mary W.

I took one Pilates class in college and vowed to never do it again. Pilates is hard, y’all. But I love Obé because I can try a class once, and if I don’t like it, I’m not indebted to some package for the next month. I’m so glad I gave it another shot because I’ve been loving Mary’s Pilates class every week (I do them live on Mondays, and they’re the perfect way to start my week). It’s making me feel strong in places I never thought I would (ahem, core), and I can feel myself getting better at every move as time goes on. This class uses the barre ball, and it’s somehow so challenging and so fun.


5. Dance Cardio with Peter T.

I have a really hard time doing dance classes that aren’t to music I already know the words to, so I typically love to do them live because the instructors pick such good music. Peter is the exception. He makes every class so fun. I would take his class to elevator music and be joyful as hell. He has an energy that is unmatched, he always makes me laugh, and I leave his class extremely sweaty. 



6. Dance + Sculpt with Peter T.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I would die for Peter T. He makes every workout so fun, it barely feels like working out (I hate when people say that, but with Peter, it’s true!). Laugh through 45 minutes of super fun choreography mixed with sculpting moves so you feel like you’re busting a move but also working those muscles. PS, the playlist is *fire sign emoji*. 


7. Sculpt with Sam G.

When I’m in the mood for (or have time for) a longer workout, I never want to do a sweaty cardio sesh. 45 minutes of sweat and heavy breathing? No thank you. The sculpt classes are always my go-to because it just feels good to work each muscle group. They feel doable and enjoyable, but they still leave me feeling sore the next day. I love this class in particular because ankle weights are my jam and you work every single muscle in this 47-minute class. 


8. Pilates Abs with Marcia M.

For days where I only feel like doing a little something or want to add in extra abs, Pilates Abs is my absolute favorite. The targeted and specific workouts get to every layer of the core, and I swear I feel like I have a six-pack after 10 minutes (even if it doesn’t look that way, as long as it feels like it, right?). Plus, I bought one of these nifty little barre balls just for these classes and it was worth every penny (just ask my abs). 


9. Cardio Boxing + Yoga Sculpt with Alex S.

Listen, I love all of the yoga classes on Obé, but this one made it into my top five favorites because it got me to do something I never thought I would: boxing. The combo classes can help push you out of your comfort zone because it’s just something you know well (yoga sculpt) combined with a little bit of something you haven’t tried before (cardio boxing). Spoiler alert: I felt like a major badass. Take this class if you’ve always been curious about boxing but are not ready to go all in. 


10. Dance Cardio with Spencer J.

If you’re like me and would way rather be at a club with your friends than on your living room floor working out (but like, who wouldn’t?), this is the class for you. Thanks to fun movements and hype music, this class makes you feel like you’re having fun with your friends (ah, remember going out?) instead of fitting in a workout on your lunch break. Just be warned: you will break a sweat.



11. Stretch + Sculpt with Madelaine O.

Confession time: I do not stretch. Ever. I will complain about my hamstrings and calves until the sun starts setting in the East, but I will not actually do anything about it. I know, I know, stretching is SO important, so I’m making a conscious effort to work more stretching into my routine. The Sculpt + Stretch classes have come to my muscles’ rescue. While the class incorporates sculpt moves, the focus is really on lengthening, mobility, and flexibility. So it’s a workout that feels almost like a rest day—which is honestly just perfect.


12. Sculpt with Kathryn A.

Obé’s Sculpt classes are a must-have in my weekly regimen. These 28-minute classes are incredibly challenging without taking too much time from the rest of my day. I have never been a person who looks forward to spending hours at the gym, but I can’t deny what a good workout can do for both my mind and body. I do these classes on days where my schedule is a bit more packed than usual or if I find myself with some restless energy on an off day. It’s amazing how much of a sweat I can work up after less than 30 minutes of work! 


13. Upper Body Strength with Kat E.

Sure, I could do some upper body weight lifting on my own, but beyond bicep curls and shoulder presses I would be at a loss for moves. I love to mix up the types of workouts I do throughout the week, and Obé’s Upper Body Strength classes focus on a part of my body I would otherwise neglect. I’m all about the abs, legs, and cardio workouts, so when I feel I need to give my arms and back a little love, I turn to this class.


14. Strength with Ana C.

I love incorporating weights into my workouts for a bit of extra challenge. However, I’m in no way an expert. Instead, I rely on classes to help me get the most out of my weight training. This Obé Strength class is only 28 minutes long and targets the full body; it’s much easier to psych myself up for a workout that will be over before I even realize it’s started. This class is deceptively difficult. I’m always sore the next day—a definitive sign my fast and easy workout was also effective.


15. Pilates with Katherine M.

Pilates is that sneaky workout that feels fine for the first half of the class and then in the final stretch, you can barely hold yourself up anymore. While I love using weights in my workouts, sometimes I just want something no-fuss. That’s where Pilates comes in. Though it may not look super challenging, don’t be fooled. The Obé Pilates classes are some of the most difficult classes in my routine. By the time the 27 minutes are up, I’m left sweating almost as much as I am after an intense cardio session.




16. Mood Booster: Dance Cardio with Peter T.

When something has “mood booster” in the name, I’m absolutely sold. I work out to take care of my body, of course—but the effects on my mind are what I actually crave. This class (along with the rest of the Mood Booster program!) is a really fun way to break a sweat and also crack a big smile. (As Josie always says, Peter T. is the BEST!)


17. Pilates with Katherine M.

I’m a big fan of reformer pilates, and this class is the perfect at-home way to get a fix of that muscle-burning, ultra-toning feeling. I’m a huge fan of Katherine, who makes me feel confident and comfortable. I like to add a class like this on days when I want a tough workout but don’t want to max out my lung capacity.


18. Detox Yoga Flow with Lulu S.

I love a yoga class that makes me feel both energized AND relaxed—and I often think a full 50-60 minute-class is my favorite way to allow my body to do both. Additionally, this class’s cooldown segment focuses heavily on opening up the hips—which is great for fellow runners!


19. Dance Cardio with Spencer J.

As a former Broadway star, Spencer J. is the master of dance cardio—and his infectious energy makes the time go SO fast. I love Spencer’s sculpt classes too, but there’s just something about dancing around my bedroom that makes me feel happy after a long day at my computer.


20. Barre Cardio with Adam D.

I like barre classes in theory—but I so often get bored when I’m not doing intense cardio. Barre cardio is a great way to combine important muscle conditioning with the fast-paced fun of cardio (any other cardio lovers out there!?). Also, 45 minutes is my ideal workout time–it’s the perfect length to get me to forget my day and get in the zone!




21. Strength with Dorian C.

My primary workout is running, but in order to really succeed on runs, you have to incorporate strength training into your routine. Like many runners, I used to dread the days I did strength, but since I found this class I actually look forward to it. It’s tough and always makes me sore the next day, but Dorian makes the entirety of the class super fun and enjoyable.


22. Full Body Stretch with Marcia M.

I am arguably the least flexible person I have ever met in my entire life, and coupled with running, I have horribly tight hamstrings and my body suffers for it constantly. One of my resolutions this year was to take more time to stretch after my workouts, but I love doing this at night before I get ready for bed. It’s made a world of difference in how my body feels the next morning, and I’ve seen a huge difference in my flexibility since.


23. ’80s Aerobics with Sarah G.

A couple of months ago on a rainy Sunday, I was feeling some cabin fever and just needed a way to move my body. I stumbled upon this class and it truly was some of the most fun I’ve had working out—ever. Dancing is not my strong suit by a long shot, so I laughed my way through it and got in a killer workout in the meantime. 10/10 mood booster.


24. Lower Body Foam Roll with Sam G.

In my aforementioned efforts to take better care of my body post-workout, I bought a foam roller earlier in the year, but found myself just rolling my back out and not knowing what else to do. I nearly fainted when I discovered Obé has a whole section full of foam rolling tutorials, and of all of the ones I’ve tried, this class completely changes how my legs feel in under 10 minutes. I make it a priority to do this a couple of times a week and it’s completely changed the game for me. 


25. P.M. Breathwork with Beth C.

I’ve never been one to meditate, but after a few weeks of struggling to fall asleep this year, I started dabbling in Obé’s meditation section to see if the classes would help me wind down and dose off faster. This class is short enough for me to handle at only 12 minutes, but helps me to completely reset myself, forget about my day, and get ready for a good night’s sleep.


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This post is sponsored by obé, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.